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Eliminate meaningless decimals from binned X axis labels

Dean DuBois 2

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This is the chart. X axis labels look ridiculous with 2 decimal places. Despite Spotfires incredible technical abilities, it's graphics (default fonts and consisitent use of unneeded decimals that requires reformatting is very annoying. Their default color selections are also pretty poor.
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Wrap your binned expression in thefollowing manner

substitute("your current expression", ".00","")

Since the data type is 'string', all the above does is to replace all instances of ".00" (i.e. the decimal) with "" (i.e. nothing) thus removing the decimals


Note - check the sort order once you have done this, it may need tweaking. I've found that the lowest value is often dispayed after the largest value which is easily fixed with the sort order found under the column properties

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