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Folder CSV Import Node for Spotfire® Data Science - Workbench 1.0.0

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This component is a custom node for Spotfire® Data Science - Workbench (formerly known as Statistica) which is designed for addressing the situation when user want to import data from multiple csv.


With this special node, you are able to load and merge multiple csv files without specifying the number of these files or their exact names. Files are expected to be in the same format and in the same folder (or subfolders).  After specifying the folder path, variable formats, and optionally naming convention for files to be merged, the node will import all these files at once into Statistica spreadsheet which can be immediately used as an input data node for your further analysis within your data analysis workflow (workspace)

For documentation on how to use this node, please look at this community article.

For other types of data merging please review also other options and functionalities which are summarized in this article.

Initial Release (version 1.0.0)

Published: April 2020

Initial release, node source files together with an example workspace with Folder CSV Import node.

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