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Anomaly Detection and Root cause analysis using Spotfire Analytics and Microsoft Cognitive Services 1.0.0

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This offering consists of custom mod for Spotfire® Data Science - Team Studio and Python data functions for Spotfire® to detect anomalies using Microsoft Azure services and containerized Microsoft Cognitive Services to perform root cause analysis


Based on Spotfire® and Spotfire® Data Science, along with Azure Cognitive Services, the Spotfire Anomaly Detection solution detects and analyzes anomalies/sudden changes in data patterns, discovers root causes and provides suggested actions. Manufacturing, energy, mining and power plant customers use Spotfire Data Science to detect anomalies on historical data from various facilities at scale.

Spotfire calls the Microsoft Containerized Cognitive services using a Spotfire data function via a Python API. As the maintenance engineer detects anomalies onsite, Spotfire's brush-linked visual analytics and data science tooling run root cause anomaly analysis. These analyses are combined with results from the Text Analytics containerized service using key phrase extraction to determine the recommended actions to be taken



Detailed information about this component can be found in this community article.

Release 1.0.0

Published: May 2020

Initial Release


  • data function for using in Spotfire®
  • custom operator for usage in Spotfire® Data Science - Team Studio
  • documentation
  • license file

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