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Real-Time Public Transportation Accelerator 1.1.0

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Visualize and analyze public transportation networks in real-time with Real-Time Public Transportion Accelerator.

The Real-Time Public Transportation Accelerator contains components that track journeys where public transport agencies have provided GTFS and GTFS-RT feeds. On startup it pulls the static GTFS data from the provider and loads it into memory and makes it available to Spotfire®. Then on a configurable interval it will access the GTFS-RT feed and post updates to running trips including current stop and estimated times as provided by the agency.


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For more information, refer to the Real-Time Public Transportation Accelerator Article.

Real-Time Public Transportation Accelerator 1.1.0

Whats New
(since the last release of Real-Time Public Transportation Accelerator 1.0.0)

December 15, 2020, release of Real-Time Public Transportation Accelerator 1.1.0

  • Added new method for configuring providers using JSON files
  • Included 6 new providers as samples
  • Updated how data is stored internally to optimize processing
  • Refactored DXPs so only a single DXP is required for all providers

For on-premise or virtual machine deployment, download the Full Release package.

The list of Compatible Versions represents the product versions that were used to build the currently released version of the Accelerator.  Newer versions of the Spotfire® products will likely also work.
Accelerators are provided as fast start templates and design pattern examples and are supported as delivered. Please join the Community to ask questions and discuss use and implementation.

TIBCO Component Exchange License

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