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Spatial Interpolation Data Function for Spotfire® 2.0.1

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This component is a TERR/R data function which interpolates a variable across two-dimensional latitude and longitude coordinate space.


This data function interpolates a continuous variable across a two-dimensional (latitude and longitude) coordinate space.

The data function interpolates the target variable using a LOESS (local polynomial regression) model. The model learns from the interaction between latitude and longitude to best predict the target. Refer to here for more information on local regression.

Starting from Release 2.0.0, the data function can also interpolate the target variable using Inverse Distance Weighted (IDW).  Refer to here for more information on IDW. This release also provides the ability to create a grid of target locations for testing the interpolation results.

You can find more details about this data function here.


Installing the data function

Follow the online guide available here to register a data function in Spotfire.


Configuring the data function

Each data function may require inputs from the Spotfire analysis and will return outputs to the Spotfire analysis. For each data function, these need to be configured once the data function is registered. The data functions require the following R libraries to be installed:  data.table, sf, stars, gstat. To learn about how to configure data functions in Spotfire please view this video:

For more information on Spotfire visit the Spotfire training page.


Data function library

There exists a large number of data functions covering various features. Feel free to review what is available on the Data Function Library.

Release 2.0.1

Published: April 2024

Changes to the previous release:

  • Fixed typo in Web Mercator coordinate system EPSG code


Release 2.0.0

Published: February 2024

Changes to the previous release:

  • Added interpolation method: IDW.
  • Addition of helper data function to create a test grid of points for interpolation.
  • Multiple values per location are aggregated before interpolation.
  • Use of projected coordinate system for distance calculations.


Release 1.1.0

Published: November 2023

Changes to the previous release: 

  • Added extra documentation to the script


Initial Release (version 1.0.0)

Published: September 2021

Initial release includes:

  • Data function
  • Dxp with example usage
  • Documentation
  • License information

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