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Correlation Data Function for Spotfire® using Spotfire® Data Science - Workbench 2.0.0

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Correlation analysis done in Spotfire® using data function created in Spotfire® Data Science - Workbench (formerly known as Statistica).


This offering consists of two data functions and two related example dashboards. 

The first one (called Example) is for education on how to use Statistica data functions and recalculate correlation matrix according to marking in the visualization itself. This means input data are dependent on interactive choices inside the Spotfire dashboard. A video showing the construction of the whole example is 


The second one (called Template) is a fully ready application that you can use right away for correlation analysis on your data. It uses more advanced data function calculating more types of correlation (Pearson, Spearman, Kendall, Gamma) and the dashboard itself provides predefined variable selectors and the most relevant visuals for interactive investigation. Showcase of this template can be found in the first part of this



More info about Statistica data functions here.

For the construction of the data function, the no-code environment of Statistica visual workflows is used (if you are not familiar with Statistica workspaces, please visit this community article).


What this example/template is showing from the data function perspective:

  • Example of single functionality computation brought back to Spotfire (in the case of template we have more advanced computation and workflow involved).
  • Example of one Input and one Output data function (no parametrization involved - apart from input data source).
  • Example of automatic triggering data function after the change of Marking (in case of Example) and triggering on pressing a button (in case of Template).
  • Example of universal data function (can be applied to different data without changes).

If you are interested in building the Statistica data functions, please find additional examples here

You can use in your dxps this data function also without the need of installing the TIBCO Data Science - Workbench (Statistica) product.

The correlation data function is also available as a Python data function.

Release 2.0.0

Published: November 2022

In addition to the previous release, this release includes also a correlation template with a more complex data function solving fully correlation analysis without the need to redefine anything.

Initial Release (version 1.0.0)

Published: December 2019

This release includes Spotfire Statistica Workspace used for building the data function as well as  dxp where this data function is applied on different data.

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