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Rose Chart Mod for Spotfire® 1.0.0 (Spotfire 11.4 LTS+)

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Visualize cyclic phenomena.



The rose chart is a similar visualization to a usual pie chart, except sectors are equal angles and differ rather in how far each sector extends from the center of the circle. Therefore, it?s important to notice with the rose chart that it?s the area, rather than the radius of a segment that represents its value.


A common use of a rose chart is in showing wind speed or noise levels. The 'axes' for the graph are the directions of a compass and the speed of the wind or the decibel level is then drawn in the appropriate direction.

Try this Mod

Cloud dashboard

Spotfire® Analyst

Download this mod and follow the instructions below to open the mod in Spotfire Analyst:

  1. Open Spotfire® Analyst, and create an analysis by loading some data.
  2. Drag the downloaded .mod file into the analysis.
  3. The visualization mod is added to the analysis.
  4. To learn more about the capabilities and limitations of this visualization mod, read the user guide located in the downloaded folder.

For general information on how to use and share visualization mods, read the Spotfire documentation.

Data Requirement

To make the rose chart mod work properly, the data table must be formatted in a certain way. A data table with at least two columns is required. One column should contain the sectors categories. A second column should contain the value for each sector.

For detailed information on data requirements, the available settings, and an example of how to set up the visualization, read the mod's community article.

Help & Support

This Mod for Spotfire® is not supported by Spotfire Support.

In the event of issues or to suggest features and enhancements, submit an issue in the Mod's GitHub repository.

For general questions about Mods, please post a question in the Forum for Extensions & Mods.


1.0.0 (Spotfire 11.4 LTS and later)
March 2022
- Initial release

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