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  • What's New in TIBCO Spotfire® 11.6

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    Spotfire 11.6 makes it easier than ever before to search, browse and use governed data in TIBCO Data Virtualization and helps business users to use advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI to find insights in their data.

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    Data Access

    Browse and search TDV views from Spotfire

    TIBCO Spotfire Business Author and Analyst users are now able to browse and open connections to virtualized views directly from the Spotfire Files and data flyout. This is the easiest and quickest way to analyze and visualize virtualized data available on the market. The user can easily share the virtual data dashboards they have created with colleagues in their organization.


    Amazon RDS MariaDB support

    Amazon RDS MariaDB is supported and listed as a data source in the Connect to list.

    Settings for connection and command timeouts in data connector for Microsoft SQL Server

    You can now specify connection and command timeouts in a new advanced settings tab in the Microsoft SQL server connection dialog. 


    You can also set these timeouts as preferences in the Administration Manager, which will be used if you don?t set timeouts in the connection dialog.


    Data function overview

    Designed to provide the complete picture of your data, and allow you to author each step in your data model, the data canvas now consolidates data table and data functions pipelines into a single place. The new visual representation of data function instances in the data canvas instantly informs you about how input parameters get their data and how outputs are used within your analysis.


    Edit data function inputs mapping

    Along with the new data function overview, you can now also edit data function inputs from the data canvas. This new editing experience makes it easy to adapt data functions to changes in the analytics context and is also a great access point for reviewing all input parameters.

    Widescreen export to Microsoft PowerPoint

    When exporting to Microsoft PowerPoint, the aspect ratio is now 16:9 widescreen by default. An administrator can switch between the new widescreen (16:9) format and the old full screen (4:3) format using the preference 'Export Layout Format' in Administration Manager.



    Debian 11 and Debian 10 are now supported for the Spotfire platform

    Debian 11 and Debian 10 are now supported as the Operating System for:

    • TIBCO Spotfire Server
    • TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Service
    • TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R - Server Edition
    • TIBCO Spotfire Service for Python

    OpenSUSE 15 is now supported for the Spotfire platform

    OpenSUSE 15 is now supported as the Operating System for:

    • TIBCO Spotfire Server
    • TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Service
    • TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R - Server Edition
    • TIBCO Spotfire Service for Python

    New config tool command-line argument to filter services operations by platform

    The Linux and Windows versions of a service can have different default service configurations (as is the current case with TERR Service).

    The CLI commands export-service-config and list-service-configs now have an additional argument, --platform, that filters which configuration to export to match the intended target platform (Linux or Windows). This filtering argument is useful for a deployment area with several default configurations for different platforms. 

    Note: To preserve backward compatibility, this argument is optional.

    Note: As of today, TERR Service is the first service under the new topology that has the concept of the same service (capability) for two different platforms (Linux, Windows).

    Added support for OAuth2 prompt parameter

    The built-in OAuth2 Authorization Server, which is used by the API clients, now supports the prompt parameter.

    The prompt the parameter is defined as part of the OpenID Connect (OIDC) AuthRequest specification

    This parameter is optional and specifies whether the Authorization Server prompts the End-User for reauthentication and consent. 

    Note: We added support for the values nonelogin, and consent. The select_account value is not supported.

    APIs / SDK 

    Hide Menus from Toolbar in a Web Player mashup

    It is now possible to hide all the menus from the toolbar as a configuration option when showing a Spotfire analysis in a web page using the JavaScript API or parameterized URL. This is useful when you want to keep the toolbar to provide, for example, the filter and bookmark shortcuts to the end users, but not expose the Spotfire environment like Spotfire Library or My Accounts.


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