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  • Use emojis to illustrate data in Spotfire

    Spotfire comes with a built-in library of shapes to represent data graphically or you can also use your own images to display as labels. But did you know can also use emojis to represent data in illustrative forms? Emojis are a great and simple way to illustrate your data, create infographics, data stories and even isotype forms using charts in Spotfire.

    You can use emojis by replacing values in your data from the data panel and on expressions too.

    Emojis can be use in expression very easily to show emojis instead of values on a particular chart or on a calculated column.


    And you can also use emojis to replace unique values, directly from the data panel.


    And BTW,  you can use the keyboard shortcut "Windows + ;" to access emojis on your Windows computer or "Command+Control+Spacebar" on macOS. This is that simple.

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