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  • Troubleshooting TIBCO Spotfire® Mobile Apps (Android and iOS)

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    Connecting to an Instance of Spotfire for AWS

    The Spotfire Mobile app can connect to an instance of  Spotfire for AWS. If you experience problems connecting, follow these instructions.

    To connect to Spotfire for AWS using the mobile app, always provide the full base URL (that is, appending /spotfire to the server URL).




    After you have connected to Spotfire from your mobile device, you can find your analysis in the Spotfire Library, and then add it to your Favorites

    Connecting the Mobile App to a Spotfire Server

    • Make sure that you can access the URL you use with the app with the web browser on the mobile device.
    • Make sure you are using the correct protocol for the URL: https:// for encrypted connections or plain http:// for unencrypted connections.
    • If you are using a cellular connection or a public wi-fi connection, and if the server is available only through your corporate network, then you might need to connect to your corporate VPN first to be able to access the server.

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