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  • TIBCO Energy Day - Houston - February 2019


    THANK YOU to everyone who contributed presentations, demos and conversations on Feb 13th! We are posting most of the presentations with the bios and abstracts of the presenters below and this page will be completed in the coming week. 

    And if you are interested in the Energy & Utilities industry we also recommend you bookmark the TIBCO Energy Solutions Community Wiki page!


    • 8:30 - 10:00  Registration & Networking
    • 10:00 ? 11:00  Keynote -  Michael O'Connell, TIBCO, Chief Analytics Officer & Christophe Barriolade, TIBCO, SVP and General Manager, EBX
    • 11:00 ? 11:45  Revolutionizing Reservoir Characterization with Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics - Camilo Rodriguez, IHS
    • 11:45 ? 1:00  Networking Lunch
    • 1:00 ? 1:45  The Production Engineering Workbench - Alex Lach & Andrew Pruet, Occidental Petroleum
    • 1:45 ? 2:30  Real Time Drilling Models with TIBCO Streaming - Brian Alleman, Hunt Oil Co.
    • 2:30 ? 3:00  Break
    • 3:00?4:30  Data on Fire (TIBCO Product Demos) - Michael O'Connell - overview, David Meade - Spotfire X, Peter Shaw - Spotfire GeoAnalytics, Danny Stout - TIBCO Data Science & TIBCO DV, Rob MacNeill - TIBCO Streaming, Scott Moore - TIBCO EBX
    • 4:30 ? 7:00  Partner Showcase & Cocktail Reception


    Michael O'Connell, PhD, Chief Analytics Officer, TIBCO Software


    Michael O'Connell is the Chief Analytics Officer at TIBCO Software, developing analytic solutions across a number of industries including Financial Services, Energy, Life Sciences, Consumer Goods & Retail, and Telco, Media & Networks. He has been working on statistical software applications for the past 20 years, and has published more than 50 papers and several software packages on statistical methods. Michael did his Ph.D. work in Statistics at North Carolina State University and is Adjunct Professor Statistics in the department.

    Twitter:  @MichOConnell

    Data on Fire : TIBCO product demos: Spotfire, GeoAnalytics, Data Science, Streaming, EBX Data Management- PDF iconClick here to view presentation (available in resources)

    Read some of Michael's insights on the evolution of IoT here.

    Christophe Barriolade, TIBCO, SVP and General Manager 


    TIBCO EBX - PDF iconClick here to view presentation (available in resources)

    Camilo Rodriguez, Associate Director, Product Management at IHS


    Camilo is a geologist from Colombia National University, with 17 years of experience in the Oil and Gas industry including consulting projects in seismic interpretation, geological interpretation, mapping, and multi-variate analytics. Currently he is an Associate Director of Product Management at IHS Markit responsible for Kingdom development. 


    Revolutionizing Reservoir Characterization with Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics

    The number of data scientists in reservoir characterization teams continues to increase, but most of their work is oriented to predicting rock properties, fluid patterns, reservoir quality, production, and well performance.  However, to analyze the data and accomplish their goals, they must spend a lot of time conditioning the data, interpreting logs, correlating wells, mapping structures, and generating seismic properties to get the attributes that will then be used to train predictive models, run classifications, and uncover hidden patterns.

    Business Intelligence and data analytics can play an important role in the routine activities executed by the asset team.  Properly integrating these technologies in every stage of the oil life cycle will boost the efficiency of every asset team member, and in most cases, lead to better, faster decisions, while increasing accuracy in the interpretations.

    IHS Markit has developed a system inside its geological, geophysical and engineering interpretation platform, The Kingdom Suite, that allows constant visualization and interaction of any Kingdom project data with Spotfire.   Depending on the requirements for the interpretation workflow, the asset team can focus on analyzing the data using any one of these platforms and not have to bother with additional database connections or configurations. Spotfire business intelligence tools facilitate the understanding of key facts of the reservoir even before starting the interpretation process, will enable direct interaction with Kingdom to fix any data outlier, and enable the user to push any new attribute generated within Spotfire directly into the project database.A case study in the Permian Basin will highlight multiple scenarios where business analytics and machine learning are used in the early stages of the basin interpretation:  data loading and quality control, log editing and analysis, formation top picking, geological mapping, geophysical interpretation, and integration with engineering data.  The workflow will end with identifying new areas to drill in the Permian basin. In a second case study, an unsupervised machine learning technique from Spotfire will be used to identify stratigraphic features from Kingdom seismic attributes.

    PDF icon Click here to view presentation (available in resources)

    FileDemo 1 (available in resources)

    FileDemo 2 (available in resources)

    FileDemo 3 (available in resources)

    FileDemo 4 (available in resources)

    Filecamilo_demo_2.mp4 (available in resources)

    TIBCO and IHS Markit to Deliver Advanced Analytics to the Energy Industry: New Agreement Will Enhance Exploration and Production Workflows by Offering Better Visualization and Integrated Analytical Tools - Click here to read more

    Alex Lach, Senrior Reservoir Engineer, Occidental Petroleum Corporation

    Alex Lach is a Senior Reservoir Engineer on the Base Surveillance Team at Occidental Petroleum Corporation. His work frequently involves using R, Python, or Spotfire to streamline workflows for reservoir engineering and production engineering. Previously Alex Lach worked at ConocoPhillips as a Reservoir Engineer within the Bakken asset. He received a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Tulsa in 2014.

    Andrew Pruet, Senior Production Engineer, Occidental Petroleum Corporation


    Andrew Pruet is a Senior Production Engineer on the Base Surveillance Team at Occidental Petroleum Corporation. His work frequently involves using R, Python, or Spotfire to streamline workflows for reservoir engineering and production engineering. Previously Andrew Pruet worked at Murphy Oil as a Senior Corporate Reserves Engineer and California Resources as a Staff Reservoir Engineer. He received a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Texas in 2013 and is currently pursuing a Master?s Degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.


    The Production Engineering Workbench

    The Base Surveillance Team at Occidental Petroleum Corporation has created the Production Engineering Workbench (The Workbench) in Spotfire. The Workbench is an enterprise-level well surveillance and exception reporting tool. Engineers use The Workbench to access both producer and injector well rates, jobs, well notes, outlook, and reserves. Additionally, The Workbench is linked to each well?s PI data (pressure, temperature, run time, pump speed, etc.).

    The Workbench makes use of several of Spotfire?s more advanced capabilities. JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are used extensively throughout the application to make an intuitive user experience such as popup controls, switches, and Google Analytics. TERR is used as the engine behind exception reporting. IronPython is used for added functionality such as time-synced plots, map auto-zooming, and pushing data to Oracle.

    PDF iconClick here to view presentation (available in resources)

    Brian Alleman, Drilling Engineer, Hunt Oil Co. 


    Brian Alleman is a Senior Drilling Engineer at Hunt Oil Company.  In his 13 years in the industry he has drilled wells in New Mexico, Texas, North Dakota, California, and Kurdistan.  His current focus is on deploying StreamBase to the rig site and building the Decision Information and Support Center, the first real time operating center that Hunt has built.

    PDF iconClick here to view presentation (available in resources)


    David Meade, Senior Solutions Consultant, TIBCO Software


    Introduction to Spotfire X 

    This is a short 12 minute demo of the Spotfire X platform.  We demonstrate the new UI and layout.  Of key interest are the Natural Language Query (NLQ), Automated Intelligence, and Streaming capabilities.  NLQ allows the user to search for and even build content using natural language.  Our new AI engine, not only provides visualization suggestions, but also returns possible correlations based upon machine learning models, automatically.  Finally, Spotfire X now supports streaming data directly within Spotfire itself using the new Data Streams connector.


    Peter R. Shaw, Ph.D., Staff Data Scientist, TIBCO Data Science


    Geoanalytics with TIBCO Spotfire

    Spotfire's powerful mapping capability uses multiple layers for organizing and displaying data.  Here we show how to combine data across layers using our Geoanalytics data function for Voronoi polygons, resulting in aligned estimates of geology parameters for well locations. 

    FileClick here to view demo (available in resources)

    Danny W. Stout, Ph.D., Pre-Sales Professional, TIBCO Software


    TIBCO Data Science for Production Optimization - FileClick here to view demo (available in resources)

    Neil Kanungo, Data Scientist, TIBCO Software


    Real-time Intelligent Equipment Monitoring

    We can take our analysis further to evaluate equipment sensor data in real-time and at rest. This demo shows using historical equipment data to model potential failures, and deploys results of that model into real-time data feeds for live monitoring and alerting.


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