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  • Text Card Mod for Spotfire®

    Version 1.2.0, released February 2022



    The text card mod makes it easy to visualize long texts in Spotfire. It is particularly useful when viewing texts that have varying lengths such as human written comments or log entries.

    This mods was made possible by a great team of 3rd year students of the Bachelor's program Software Engineering and Management at Gothenburg University (Course DIT827). Thanks to the project owners: Alexander StrandEmanuel DellsenHartmut FischerJonatan Vaara and Karl Westgårdh.

    Data requirement

    Every mod handles missing, corrupted and/or inconsistent data in different ways. It is advised to always review how the data is visualized.

    To make the text card mod work properly, the underlying data must be formatted in a certain way. The data must exist in a single table with at least one column containing the content (text) to display. Additional columns can also be used to provide more context to the text cards, sort cards, and color cards.

    Setting up the cards

    In this example dataset, we have four columns: Date, Review, Location, Rating

    Date Review Location Rating
    2020-06-10 I got the ACME GLX500 just a couple of days ago, and I have to say it was a great improvement over my previous one. I cannot be without it! Borås 5
    2020-06-17 This was my first cooler so I do not know exactly what to expect, but I am very satisfied with it. Even more silent than I expected. Borås 4,5
    2020-06-20 Not as silent as I would have hoped. Slight but (sometimes) very annoying ringing sound. Not entirely sure if it is the coolers fault or if it is the installation that is not done properly. We did buy the installation service from Acmes recommended local service firm. Gothenburg 2
    2020-06-21 I am really annoyed by the sound it makes. Kind of ringing. Especially disappointed given all the praise this model gets for its silence. Gothenburg 2
    2020-06-29 Don't buy this one if you live in the Gothenburg area. At least if you need to use the installation service - they are hopeless. How do they even stay in business!!!?? Gothenburg 1
    2020-06-23 It works nicely now but it was a pain until we got there due to the installation guys. I had to call them and have them come back and fix the installation 3 times until they fixed the sound it was making. Seems they did not understand how to install it until I literally showed them how to do it in the manual. Gothenburg 2
    2020-06-18 Before installation I was very worried about our energy consumption going up but so far I did not notice anything. Overall the cooler does great. We use it a lot. Skene 5
    2020-07-03 Could not have asked for a better cooler for the price. I wasn't looking for anything extremly slick. Just wanted it to be ok and the job. It does that and more. Buy one for your firends or relatives for christmas. Can't go wrong. Härryda 5
    2020-07-05 My neighbour recommended this and I bought it, but I am not sure I am convinced. Härryda 3
    2020-07-08 I recommend it to anyone who though about purchasing some similar product. Horred 4,5

    The text card visualization is made to show unaggregated text data. That is why we are prompted to display cards by row identifier such as '(Row Number)'. Not selecting '(Row Number)' or a row identifier as 'Card by' axis may display aggregated text cards. 

    Once the 'Card by' axis is set to '(Row Number)', we would specify the 'Review' column from the data table as our Content in the text card configurations. This results in text cards being shown for each review.

    The end result will look something like this:


    Configuring the cards

    After setting the data table and the content column, there are multiple options available to provide more context and information to the cards.

    A header-type text that appears on top of the content. It is possible to select multiple annotations. If no annotation column is configured or a row does not have a value for the chosen annotation column, the annotation field will not show.

    Sort text cards by a specific column.

    Show additional information in a tooltip when hovering the content of a card.

    Color by
    A color to display on the side of the cards to group cards visually.

    Using the cards

    Marking cards
    Clicking a text card will mark it. Clicking in an empty space in between cards will clear the marking. You can mark several cards by Ctrl-clicking on them.

    Copying text
    You can easily copy the content of a card by clicking the "Copy to clipboard" button in the top right corner of a card. It is also possible to copy a portion of the content.

    Reverse the sorting
    You can easily reverse the sorting of the cards by clicking the "Reverse sorting" button in the top right corner of the visualization.

    Help and support

    This Mod for Spotfire® is not supported by Spotfire Support.
    In the event of issues or to suggest features and enhancements, submit an issue in the Mod's GitHub repository.
    For general questions about Mods, please post a question in the Forum for Extensions & Mods to make it visible and routed to the appropriate team(s) to respond.

    More information about Mods for Spotfire®

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