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  • System requirements for legacy Spotfire® products

    On this page, you find PDF files with system requirements information for some older Spotfire® products and add-on licenses that you might still be using.

    Spotfire® System Requirements

    If you are looking for system requirements information regarding current Spotfire® products, see:

    System requirements for legacy products in the Spotfire® family (download from Resources)

    • TIBCO Spotfire® DecisionSite 9.1.2
    • TIBCO Spotfire® Clinical Graphics
    • TIBCO Spotfire® Miner
    • TIBCO Spotfire® Operations Analytics

    TIBCO Spotfire® S+ Products (download from Resources)

    • TIBCO Spotfire® S+
    • TIBCO Spotfire® S+ ArrayAnalyzer
    • TIBCO Spotfire® S+ FinMetrics
    • TIBCO Spotfire® S+ NuOPT
    • TIBCO Spotfire® S+ Seqtrial



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