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  • Spotfire Version History

    Spotfire version history for reference.
    Version Release Date Significant Changes
    Spotfire Pro 1.0 1996

    The first version of Spotfire built on research in Human Computer Interaction at the University of Maryland and Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. Text data import. Scatterplot visualization and dynamic queries.

    Spotfire Pro 2.0 1997

    Multiple plots, bar charts added, simple API, simple database access.

    Spotfire Pro 3.0 1998

    Plugin capabilities, Database import, Pie charts, HTML details on demand.

    Spotfire Pro 4.0 1999

    3D scatter plots, line charts, full text search, Excel import.

    Spotfire Pro 4.2 2000

    Embedded web window, Spotfire server, Scenarios, eSupport Subscription-based model, web centric s/w.

    Spotfire .Net Desktop 5.0 2000

    Profile chart, Trellis plots, import wizard, XML support, Internal customer Spotfire.net Servers Customized workspaces are sold as Professional Services offerings.

    Spotfire .Net Desktop 5.1 2000

    Heat maps, new installation, Improved Details-on-Demand.

    Spotfire DecisionSite 6.0 2001

    Query library, Query builder, Map Interaction Services.

    Spotfire DecisionSite 7.0 2002

    Information Services provides end users with the ability to access and pivot data from multiple databases simultaneously without having to know anything about installing database drivers, underlying data schemas, or SQL.

    Spotfire DecisionSite 7.1 2002

    DecisionSite Posters was released and it allows analysts to share their analysis with others in an interactive web page written in pure Javascript and HTML. 

    Spotfire DecisionSite 7.2 2003

    Analysis Builder gives experienced analyst a way to build guides that speeds up analysis tasks and captures best practices that enables more novice users to be more productive. 

    Spotfire DecisionSite 7.3 2004

    DecisionSite MapConnect brings ESRI and Spotfire closer together, Column Relationships Tool automatically finds related columns.

    Spotfire DecisionSite 8.0 2004

    DecisionSite Library for storing guides and analysis files.

    Spotfire DecisionSite 8.1 March 2005

    Interactive Curve Fit

    Spotfire DecisionSite 8.2 December 2005


    Spotfire DXP 1.0 2006

    Spotfire is re-written from the ground up to combine the best of aggregated data visualization with detailed data exploration and filtering. 

    Spotfire DXP 1.1 2006

    Bookmarks, Boxplot, Data Relationships, Summary Table.

    Spotfire DXP 2.0 2007

    APIs, Multiple Datasets, Thresholds and Limit Lines, Web Player makes it possible to consume analysis and reports on the web in a pure interactive analysis environment. 

    TIBCO Spotfire 2.1 April 2008

    Web APIs, Configuration Blocks, Transformations, Fitting Models, Multiple Scales.

    TIBCO Spotfire 2.2 October 2008

    3D visualization, TIBCO Spotfire Network Analytics.

    TIBCO Spotfire 3.0 May 2009

    Treemap, Error Bars, Colored Maps, Periodic and Event Driven Updates, Domain Level Administration, Clustering and Failover.

    TIBCO Spotfire 3.1 March 2010

    Scripting, Property Controls, Conditional Coloring, Combination Chart, Hierarchical Clustering.

    TIBCO Spotfire 3.2 July 2010

    Oracle Clinicals, Export to PDF, Lists.

    TIBCO Spotfire 3.3 February 2011

    Bookmarks, Structures in Labels and Tooltips, Horizontal Barcharts, Proper Aggregation of Time Series Data, Scalability.

    TIBCO Spotfire 4.0 November 2011

    Graphical table with calculated values, conditional icons, sparklines and actions, Share to Tibbr, Embed dashboards in web pages.

    TIBCO Spotfire 4.5 May 2012

    Bullet graphs, Access and Analyze Hadoop/Hive with Spotfire Advanced Data Services, Leverage out of the box data functions for exploration and reduction, predictive modeling, time series modeling and scatter plot smoothing.

    TIBCO Spotfire 5.0 November 2012

    In-database analytics, 5-10x faster in-memory data handling, Advanced analytics with TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R.

    TIBCO Spotfire 5.5 May 2013

    30+ new in-database sources, management by exception using rule driven visualizations, faster time to insights with visual joins and quick calculations, Highlight details and trends in context with set comparisons marker transparency and out of the box maps. 

    TIBCO Spotfire 6.0 November 2013

    KPIs and Metrics, Event Analytics, Location Analytics , Enterprise Cloud, Web based authoring with TIBCO Spotfire® Business Author 6.0 (new).

    TIBCO Spotfire 6.5 May 2014

    WMS Map Layers, Drag and Drop Visualizations between analysis, Calling TERR Scripts from the Spotfire Expression Language....

    TIBCO Spotfire 7.0 February 2015

    Recommendations, Dark Color Scheme, Custom Style, Data Panel, Easy Category Grouping, Map Visualizations and Quick Configurations in Business Author.

    TIBCO Spotfire 7.5 February 2016

    New platform architecture, Annotations, Conversations, Multi-window analysis, Instant Data Profiling, Inline data cleansing, Access to data in Salesforce.com, Apache Spark. SAP Hana certification.

    TIBCO Spotfire 7.6 May 2016

    Waterfall Charts and Responsive KPI visualizations. Improve Cross Table Readability and Screen Space Usage. Visual Data source overview.

    TIBCO Spotfire 7.7 October 2016

    Sparklines and webauthoring of KPIs, Web authoring of multi-layer maps, TERR Aggregations, SAP BW Connection improvements, minimum height and width for each page.

    TIBCO Spotfire 7.8 February 2017

    Smart recommendations for adding rows, Federated Authentication:OpenID.

    TIBCO Spotfire 7.9 May 2017

    Edit Data Transformations and Replace Data.

    TIBCO Spotfire 7.10 July 2017

    Improved PDF Export with higher resolution and reflecting the visual styling of the analysis.

    TIBCO Spotfire 7.11 LTS November 2017

    Long Term Support (LTS) release.

    TIBCO Spotfire 7.12 March 2018

    Export prepared report to pdf using Automation Services, Lock Visualization Area, Maximize/Restore Visualization.

    TIBCO Spotfire 7.13 May 2018

    Improved performance for external data, Edit joins in source view, Responsive page layout for mobile devices.

    TIBCO Spotfire 7.14 August 2018

    Cascading Filters for external data, New Salesforce connector.

    TIBCO Spotfire 10.0 November 2018

    Re-imagined User Experience, AI Driven Insights, Natural Language Query, Automagic Workflows and Streaming data visualizations. 

    TIBCO Spotfire 10.1 January 2019

    Improvements in visual analytics, data wrangling, data access, and developer capabilities.

    TIBCO Spotfire 10.2 March 2019

    Improvements in visual analytics, data wrangling, data access, and developer capabilities.

    TIBCO Spotfire 10.3 (LTS) May 2019

    Long term supported release. Snowflake, MongoDB, and LiveApps connectivity. 

    TIBCO Spotfire 10.4 June 2019

    Google Big Query connectivity. 

    TIBCO Spotfire 10.5 September 2019

    Smarter recommendation logic.

    TIBCO Spotfire 10.6 October 2019

    Streaming analytics in web clients and Interactive AI with insights for marked data. 

    TIBCO Spotfire 10.7 January 2020

    Native support for Python data functions.

    TIBCO Spotfire 10.8 February 2020

    Customizable toolbar and smarter data loading.

    TIBCO Spotfire 10.9 April 2020

    Shared dual scales and data cleaning recommendations.

    TIBCO Spotfire 10.10 (LTS) June 2020

    Long term supported release. Python data functions in Spotfire web clients and Automation Services, SharePoint Online Lists, Color styling for Tables and Cross Tables, Improvements in data access, data wrangling, visual analytics and performance.

    TIBCO Spotfire 11.0 November 2020

    Visualization mods and f(x) flyout.

    TIBCO Spotfire 11.1

    January 2021

    TIBCO Cloud Data Streams and TIBCO Cloud authentication support on TIBCO Cloud Spotfire, TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R 6.0, Improvements in data access and data canvas.

    TIBCO Spotfire 11.2 March 2021

    Improvements in visual analytics, data access and developer capabilities.

    TIBCO Spotfire 11.3 April 2021

    Add existing data functions in TIBCO Spotfire Business Author, all data sources listed by name when adding data  and Mods API improvements.

    TIBCO Spotfire 11.4 LTS June 2021

    Long term supported release. Visualization mods (introduced in 11.0), multi-layer trellis in map chart, parallel data loading.

    TIBCO Spotfire 11.5 September 2021

    Interactive tuning of data functions, Actionable notifications.

    TIBCO Spotfire 11.6 November 2021

    Seamless integration with TIBCO Data Virtualization and visual Data function overview.

    TIBCO Spotfire 11.7 January 2022

    New, faster and easier user interface for Administrators, and added support for seamless single sign-on with row level security for data sources with Information Services using OAuth 2.0 token-based authentication.

    TIBCO Spotfire 11.8 March 2022

    Refinements to the visual data science experience.

    TIBCO Spotfire 12.0 LTS July 2022

    Spotfire Actions to trigger TCI Apps for integration with external business systems, Kubernetes management of all Spotfire services running on Linux, using governed, pretrained data science models as data functions through TIBCO Model Ops, library version history and horizontal legend.

    TIBCO Spotfire 12.1 October 2022

    Prebuilt and customizable icons for data functions to help users find the data function they need at a glance.

    TIBCO Spotfire 12.2 December 2022

    Ubuntu support and user experience enhancements for web authors, administrators and users.

    TIBCO Spotfire 12.3 March 2023

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux support. OAuth 2 & OpenID Connect authentication to TIBCO Data Virtualization. More data preparation capabilities for web authors.

    TIBCO Spotfire 12.4 April 2023

    Improvements to Actions and the web user interface for data preparation.

    TIBCO Spotfire 12.5 June 2023

    Library Favorites, Open Source R service, faster Python data functions.

    Spotfire 14.0 LTS November 2023

    Formatted Export to Excel, Flexible KPI charts, improved queue management for scheduled updates and improved integration with data sources using OAuth2/OIDC.

    Spotfire 14.1 December 2023

    Engineering notation for numbers formatting, new visualization properties experience (in preview), support for IronPython 3.4, Google Cloud SQL Server supported as Spotfire Server DB.

    Spotfire 14.2 March 2024

    Graphical editor for data relations in the Spotfire Data Canvas and Web based library permissions UI.

    Spotfire 14.3 April 2024 Web UIs for analyzing data from Microsoft SQL Server and for working with Document properties used in analytical applications.



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