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  • Spotfire User Group Tips & Tricks: Set the minimum page width

    Set the minimum page width

    To make the user experience nicer for users with different screen sizes (cell phone, iPad), authors can now control the minimum width and/or height of a page. The settings are made per page in the analysis. This helps when designing a dashboard for consumers using different screen sizes, because the author can control the minimum size for each page, horizontally and vertically. This also enhances the ability to create rich mobile Spotfire applications by using pages that let users on small screens, such as phones, scroll vertically to see more visualizations than can fit into their screen, while users with larger screens can see all visualizations at once. It also helps avoiding issues when consumers of a dashboard have smaller screens than the author ? now the author can design for a certain screen size and control the experience all consumers get.

    To set the miminum page width, simple right click on the DXP page, select Set Minimum Size and set the desire value.





    Below are some examples of how, setting the minimum page size to iPhone dimensions, allows the same DXP to automatically adjust itself to different screen sizes.




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