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  • Spotfire® Tips & Tricks ? Shewhart Control Charts and Trend Charts

    Control charts are an important statistical quality control mechanism used in many industries. These can be created in Spotfire alongside statistics and other analyses. This article describes how to achieve this in Spotfire either by creating your own analysis or downloading the Spotfire control chart template

    Shewhart control charts are popular charts commonly used in statistical quality control for monitoring data from a business or industrial process. The goal of a statistical quality control program is to monitor, control, and reduce process variability. These charts often have three lines?a central line along with upper and lower control limits that are statistically derived. They enable the user to monitor a process for shifts, relative to a baseline historical period, that alter the location or variability of the measured statistic.

    Read this blog on how to create these charts and statistics in TIBCO Spotfire: Shewhart Control Charts and Trend Charts with Limits Lines in TIBCO Spotfire

    Also, Check out the Spotfire Template we have available to download on the TIBCO Exchange at:

    Quality Control Charts template for TIBCO Spotfire®

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