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  • Spotfire® Server PostgreSQL Action Logs Library Import File

    This article provides the Action Logs Library Import file for a PostgreSQL Action Logs database.


    This article provides the Action Logs Library Import file for a PostgreSQL Action Logs database.  Starting with Spotfire Server 10.9, PostgreSQL is supported for the Spotfire Server metadatabase and for the Spotfire Action Logs.  Previously, the Action Logs were only supported in Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.  The Spotfire Server installation zip file provides an Action Logs Library Import file for Oracle and SQL Server but does not include an Action Logs Library Import file for PostgreSQL.  The Library import file provides the Information Model and a sample Action Logs analysis file.  The Spotfire Server installation zip file provides the database scripts for creating the action logs database in PostgreSQL. 

    The Library Import file can be imported into the Spotfire Library and used to analyze the action logs data.  (See Importing a library for analysing action logs in Spotfire Analyst)  After importing the Spotfire Library file, one needs to update the user_actions_datasource connection URL and username and password in order to connect to your action logs database.

    NOTE: The Auth_Login_Logout Information Link had an incorrect join which could lead to one seeing some mostly empty rows in the results.

    Installation and Configuration

    The Spotfire Library import file is zipped in the file attached to this article, postgresql_action_logs.zip.  You will need to unzip the file to get the Library Import Flie - logged_user_actions_postgresql.part0.zip - and either import using the command-line or copy to the <install folder>/tomcat/application-data/library folder and import using Spotfire Analyst -> Library Administration tool.  The instructions in the manual linke above provide information about importing the Action Logs Library file.

    You may have to enable the PostgreSQL Data Source in the Spotfire Server Configuration.  The PostgreSQL Data Source Template is provided, but it is not enabled by default.  If the template is not enabled, then one will get an "Unknown Data Source Type postgreSQL" error in the Data Source Type drop down in Information Designer.  You can enable the PostgreSQL Data Source by running the Configuration UI Tool, checking the box for the PostgreSQL Data Source Template, saving the configuration to the database, and restarting all Spotfire Servers.



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