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  • Spotfire Salesforce Integration

    This article describes different ways of integrating Spotfire with Salesforce CRM.

    Many organizations manage Customer Relationships using Salesforce.com. With Spotfire it is easy to analyze data from Salesforce, such as Sales data, Support data, Customer entitlements, or other kinds of CRM data to get an understanding of customers, opportunities, wins and losses etc. But Spotfire can also integrate with Salesforce in other ways such as creating or updating objects in Salesforce. This article outlines the different types of Salesforce integrations that are possible with Spotfire and where to find more information.


    Analyzing Salesforce data in TIBCO Spotfire

    A core use case for Spotfire and Salesforce is to load data from Salesforce.com into Spotfire for analysis. This is easily accomplished by using Spotfire?s native Salesforce connector.  

    Connecting directly to Salesforce.com using the native connector means that you have access to up to date Salesforce data in your analysis, dashboard or application at all times. 




    Salesforce data comes in several flavors. Data from Salesforce streaming can be analyzed in real-time by using TIBCO?s Salesforce Streaming adapter. Data from Salesforce Marketing can be accessed in Spotfire using CDatas Connector for Salesforce Marketing.


    Integrating with activities in Salesforce using Spotfire Actions

    Using Spotfire Actions you can integrate with Salesforce to add or modify objects such as events or tasks in Salesforce from within  the Spotfire user experience. This is done by using the Spotfire Actions feature that uses TIBCO Cloud Integration apps to interface to Salesforce.com. 


    By using the Connector to Salesforce.com Einstein Analytics Spotfire applications can even integrate with Salesforce Einstein in the way that data selected in Spotfire can be pushed to Einstein analytics for further processing.

    By using the Salesforce Pardot connector users can create or modify existing Salesforce Pardot objects.

    For the full scope of integrations with Salesforce see https://www.tibco.com/connected/salesforcecom.


    Embedding Spotfire in Salesforce

    Another use case is to embed Spotfire in Saleforce.com, so that Salesforce users are able to view Spotfire visualizations and even use Spotfire visual analytics applications from within Salesforce. This is possible using Spotfire?s Embedding API through which Spotfire can be integrated in Salesforce using Salesforce?s Canvas technology.



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