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  • Spotfire® Analytics Meetup

    Spotfire Analytics Meetups, also known as TIBCO Analytics Meetups (TAM) are virtual usergroup meetings hosted by Spotfire CAO Michael O'Connell. Analytics and Data Science experts share their Spotfire® product and use-case knowledge and Tips&Tricks with you.

    Previous events

    Videos of past Meetups are posted immediately after the session on the Spotfire YouTube channel - Spotfire Analytics Meetup playlist

    We will soon start a new webinar series. It will be announced on this Spotfire Community in the Event section!

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    Slides & Recording

    24 May 2023

    Spotfire Mods: Unique Visual Insights, Spotfire Violin Plot Mod 

    Andrew Berridge, Michael O'Connell, Heleen Snelting
    14 Dec 2022 Sports Analytics - Pro Basketball Draft Analyzer Adam Faskowitz, Neil Kanungo, Heleen Snelting
    1 Nov 2022 Ask Me Anything: Top Analytics Trends Panel Michael O'Connell, Neil Kanungo, Colin Gray and Heleen Snelting

    26 May 2022

    Natural Language Processing, NLP Toolkit

    Sweta Kotha, Michael O'Connell and Heleen Snelting

    8 Feb 2022

    Dynamic Pricing and Data Science Lifecycle 

    Colin Gray, Michael O'Connell and Heleen Snelting

    9 Nov 2021


    Process Control, Anomaly Detection


    Tomáš Jurczyk, Michael O'Connell and Heleen Snelting

    17 Aug 2021

    Hyperconverged Analytics and TIBCO Data Science Team Studio 6.6 release 

    Ian Pestell, Michael O'Connell and Heleen Snelting

    12 May 2021

    Visual Data Science with Python

    Colin Gray, Michael O'Connell and Heleen Snelting

    10 Feb 2021

    Machine Learning for Pattern Recognition, an example of classifying semiconductor wafers

    Nico Rode, Adam Faskowitz, Michael O'Connell and Heleen Snelting

    2 Apr 2020

    Life expectancy data analysis to understand longevity

    Formula 1 simulator predictions for lap time and crashes

    Steven Hillion, Michael O'Connell and Heleen Snelting

    Colin Gray

    20 Nov 2019

    All About Analytics, from Data Management to Data Viz

    Ian Pestell and Michael O'Connell

    31 Jul 2019

    AutoML for TIBCO Data Science Team Studio and TIBCO Spotfire Big Data function

    Image Recognition in Spotifre using Python and AWS 

    Dan Rope

    Colin Gray

    25 Apr 2019

    Voronoi Polygons Spotfire Data Function

    Digital Twin for Improving Yield in Manufacturing

    Peter Shaw

    Steven Hillion

    22 Jan 2019

    Run TIBCO Data Science Pipelines from Spotfire

    Anomaly Detection with Deep Learning Autoencoder

    Tomáš Jurczyk

    David Katz

    30 Oct 2018

    Python Data Function in Spotfire 

    Python Data Function in Spotfire used with TensorFlow

    Data Science Survival Skills

    Vinoth Manamala

    Vinoth Manamala

    DivyaJyoti Rajdev

    19 Jul 2018

    Geoanalytics in the cloud

    Arnaud Varin and Peter Shaw

    22 Mar 2018

    Predicting Flight Delays

    Big Data Parking Citations Analysis

    Chia-Yui Lee

    DivyaJyoti Rajdev

    28 Sep 2017

    Hurricane Path Analysis

    Hurricane Harvey Analysis

    Precipitation Analysis

    DivyaJyoti Rajdev

    Troy Ruths

    Peter Shaw

    27 Jun 2017

    XG Boost Demo

    Beautiful Dashboards

    Venkata Jagannath

    Chia-Yui Lee and Minerva Dutta 

    25 Apr 2017

    Anomaly Detection - Autoencoders in Spotfire

    Geo-Analytics Demo and Community content

    David Katz

    Peter Shaw

    28 Feb 2017

    Spotfire Data Wrangling and TERR aggregation

    Spotfire and Natural Language Generation

    Michael O'Connell and Peter Shaw 

    Andrew Berridge

    1 Dec 2016

    Machine learning put into practice with Spotfire

    API Overview, Alert Monitoring in Spotfire Automation Services

    Ana Costa e Silva

    Andrew Berridge

    6 Oct 2016

    Spotfire to Streambase Barebones: Insight to Action in minutes

    Merging geospatial location data with polygons: leveraging shapefiles in your analysis

    Vishakha Mujoo

    Peter Shaw

    12 Nov 2015

    Intro to Data Analysis Pipeline & Processes

    Build & Configure Spotfire Dashboards

    Spotfire Data Functions Using TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R

    Predicting Customer Churn and Lifetime Value with Spotfire

    Spotfire APIs, IronPython & Product Updates

    Spotfire Map Charts & Advanced GeoAnalytics

    Michael O'Connell

    Catalina Herrera

    Peter Shaw 

    Anna Nowakowska and Peter Shaw

    Andrew Berridge

    Mathew Lee


    25 Jun 2015

    What is Data Science?

    Quick overview of the Spotfire platform

    What is TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R

    How to build interactive maps for analysis

    How to use the Spotfire API

    Michael O'Connell

    Michael O'Connell

    Michael O'Connell

    Ian Cook

    Andrew Berridge





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