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  • Show visual inside a popup

    Combine different JavaScript components to display a visual using a popup

    By using the JavaScript Popup and the JavaScript eCharts for Spotfire, you can create a hidden visual inside  a popup.




    .Just make sure the container of the visual matches the expected size of your popup:

    <div id="container" style="height: 500px;width:500px"></div>

    Here is the complete code


    <div id="myPopup" class="JSPopup">
      <div>Show Pop-Visual</div>
      <div>This is popup A</div>
        <pre id="observed" hidden>
      <span class="xaxis" >Jan ,Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun</span>
      <span  class="yaxis" style="name:Finance;type:bar;stack:x;yAxisIndex:0">
        Apr:33, Feb:132, Jan:85, Jun:58, Mar:71, May:75
      <span class="yaxis" style="name:Legal;type:bar;stack:x;yAxisIndex:0" >
        Apr:8, Feb:29, Jan:56, Jun:16, Mar:19, May:19
      <span class="yaxis" style="name:Marketing;type:line;stack:y;yAxisIndex:1" >
        Apr:248, Jan:312, Jun:302, Mar:245, May:225
        <div id="container" style="height: 500px;width:500px"></div>

    and add these 3 js files to a text area


    To link the data with Spotfire, checkout the eCharts for Spotfire article



    More JavaScript tips and tricks here


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