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  • Setting up a Spotfire actionlog database in Google Cloud SQL for SQL Server

    With Spotfire version 14.1, you can set up a Spotfire action log database in Google Cloud SQL for SQL Server


    • You have access to a SQL server database on Google Cloud.
    • You have downloaded the Spotfire Server installation kit from the TIBCO eDelivery website, and you have extracted the files.

    Important: Use the Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server for the database connection.

    Perform this task in your terminal or at the command prompt.


    Execute the command create_actionlog_db_rds.sh (on Linux) or create_actionlog_db_rds.bat (on Windows)  file, and then follow the instructions. 

    Note: If you cannot connect due to access permission, or because of an error such as "Server is not found or not accessible," then you must add your network to authorized networks under the networking tab in the Connections option for the SQL Server instance.


    You now have a working Spotfire actionlog database in your Google Cloud SQL database.

    What to do next

    On the Bootstrap page of the Spotfire Server configuration tool, enter the database connection information. For more information, see Configuring logging to a Microsoft SQL Server database using the command line in the Spotfire Server Installation and Administration guide.

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