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  • Scaling streaming visual analytics with TIBCO Spotfire web player

    Web-based Visual Analytics with streaming data allows organizations to easily and cost-effectively distribute real-time dashboards and analytical applications to a large number of users. This lets the organization increase awareness about the current state of operations, identify opportunities and problems quicker, and also more quickly take action with more recent information. Overall, visual analytics with streaming data provides a new opportunity for optimizing operations in businesses such as logistics, transportation, financial services, energy, and manufacturing. But to do this, it is required to be able to cost-effectively put real-time information in the hands of business users. Spotfire is known for giving business users self-service dashboards and visual analytics, and since Spotfire 10.0 this includes streaming data. In Spotfire 10.6 TIBCO introduced the ability to scale out real-time dashboards and applications to large numbers of users through their web browser. Visual Analytics for streaming data in Spotfire web clients is designed so that it can scale to a large number of users, up to 1000?s users. 

    Please read Scaling streaming visual analytics with TIBCO Spotfire web player (download from Resources below) for more information and advice about scaling streaming visual analytics to large user bases.


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