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  • Quickstart for Spotfire on AWS


    This Spotfire QuickStart example shows how to automatically deploy the Spotfire Platform on AWS using the 2 most used agnostic configuration management tools: Terraform and Ansible.

    Note: The purpose of this quickstart example is to provide a starting point for automatic deployment of Spotfire in any environment. This quickstart example can be easily extended and customized.

    Note: This quickstart example has been verified with Spotfire 11.x series, but it may work for previous Spotfire versions with minimal modifications.

    Which kind of Spotfire deployment is deployed by this quickstart example?

    This example follows the Basic installation process for Spotfire from the Spotfire® Server and Environment - Installation and Administration.

    This basic installation will deploy the following components:

    • Spotfire Server(s) (using AWS EC2 Linux Virtual Machine(s)).
    • Spotfire Web Player(s) (using AWS EC2 Windows Virtual Machine(s)).
    • Spotfire database (using AWS RDS for PostgreSQL).
    • jumphost server(s) for administration of the application VMs.
    • Load balancer (using AWS Load Balancer) (optional *).

    The diagram below shows the deployed environment by this Quickstart for Spotfire in AWS.


    Check our GitHub repo for more info: Quickstart for Spotfire® on AWS using Terraform and Ansible.

    Have fun !!!

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