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  • Prevent zoom sliders to zoom when using the mouse wheel

    To prevent zooming with the mouse wheel, add a short JavaScript code to relevant pages, especially when scroll bars are present. This approach disables zoom sliders' functionality.

    To disable zooming with the mouse wheel, you simply add a brief JavaScript code snippet to any text area on the relevant pages. This feature is particularly handy when the page has scroll bars. Below is a screenshot demonstrating the default behavior and the changes after implementing the script.



    And here is the Script

    divsWithZoomSliders = [...document.querySelectorAll(".sf-element.sf-element-visual")].filter(div => div.querySelector(".sf-element-zoom-slider"));
    divsToDisable = divsWithZoomSliders.map(div => div.querySelector(".sf-element.sf-element-canvas-visualization"));
    divsToDisable.forEach(div => {div.firstChild.addEventListener('wheel', function(event) {event.preventDefault()}, { passive: true })});


    Please note that this approach is not supported and it might not work properly on future versions of Spotfire


    More JavaScript tips and tricks here


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