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  • Overview of 'Command Center for Marketo Insights in TIBCO Spotfire®' Package

    This article provides an overview of the Command Center for Marketo Insights in TIBCO Spotfire® Package.


    After registering and then downloading the 'Command Center for Marketo Insights in TIBCO Spotfire' package from the Exchange, the zip file ('Marketo_CommandCenter_v1.0.zip') will contain the following 3 items:

    • Command Center Marketo Data Extractor ('Marketo_CommandCenter_DataExtractor_v1.0.dxp')
    • Command Center Dashboard  ('TIBCO_Spotfire_Marketo_Insights-Command_Center_Dashboard_v1.0.dxp')
    • 'Data' (folder with empty files)
      • Activities.sbdf
      • Leads.sbdf
      • Campaigns.sbdf

    General Steps

    The following are the general steps required to enable you to view your Marketo Data.

    1. Download the zip file from Exchange.
    2. Extract the zip file to a dedicated directory on your computer.
    3. Open & run Command Center Marketo Data Extractor with TIBCO Spotfire Analyst (Windows only)
    4. Open & run Command Center Dashboard.

    Move from 'Downloads'

    This a reminder that you Move/Copy the zip file from your 'downloads' directory to a dedicated directory on your computer.  In my example, I copied it to 'C:\myAnalyses\Spotfire'.  Unziping/Extracting the zip file in the same directory will generate a new folder with the same name.


    Opening the directory shows the following:


    Command Center Marketo Data Extractor


    The 'Command Center Marketo Data Extractor' will extract data from the Marketo REST Bulk API and automatically save them into the 'Data' folder (updating the empty *.sbdf files). This dxp file requires TIBCO Spotfire Analyst in Windows.  See more details here.

    Command Center Dashboard


    The 'Command Center Dashboard' is linked to these *.sbdf files in the 'Data' folder and loads this data automatically.  Opening the 'Command Center Dashboard' before opening and extracting data using the 'Command Center Marketo Data Extractor' will result in an empty dashboard.  Data in the 'Command Center Dashboard' can be updated by re-opening the file or by going to File (menu) -->Reload Data. 

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