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  • Online CSV Reader Spotfire® Enterprise Runtime for R Data Function for Spotfire®

    This Spotfire data function is designed to read a CSV file from a specified internet URL and provide it as an output as a CSV table for Spotfire.

    Please download the Online CSV Reader Data Function for Spotfire® from the exchange. 

    Details about the data function


    This data function is a utility for Spotfire users to fetch CSV data from a web URL, with the flexibility to specify parameters like separator and header presence, and it handles potential errors gracefully by returning an empty data frame if the URL or file cannot be read.

    Required packages: No packages required

    Compatible versions: TERR V6.0.1/R V4.3.1 

    Input Parameters:

    • link: This parameter should be the URL of the online CSV file that you want to read.
    • separator: This parameter lets you specify the character used as the separator for delimited values in the CSV file.
    • has_header: It's a boolean parameter indicating whether the CSV file has a header column or not.
    • rows_to_skip: You can specify the number of rows to skip when reading the CSV file.


    The function produces a single output:

    • df: This is the output CSV table for Spotfire, containing the data read from the specified URL.

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