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  • Mods Submission Checklist

    If you're reading this page, it is maybe because you have a great idea for a mod or because maybe you already built a great mod that you want to share to the outside world. The purpose of this page is to make sure your mod is ready for publication on the Spotfire Community Exchange and that you have all the assets ready to make the review process as quick and easy as possible.

    Mod Checklist

    • Unlocks new data visualization use case(s) or perspective(s)
    • Is tested for bugs and stability
    • Contains accurate and up-to-date metadata information (package.json)
    • ID convention: <org>-mods-<modname> (mod-manifest.json)
    • Uses public APIs exclusively
    • Is localized in English
    • Works on current mainstream Spotfire® release
    • Does not contain any hard-coded data
    • Provides direct manipulation with instant feedback capabilities
    • Provides safe exploration capabilities
    • Provides a "Spotfire-like" look & feel
    • Follows icon guidelines
    • Does not collect data
    • Lists third-party components and code and their associated licenses and links
    • Follows Mods Review Guidelines

    Assets Checklist

    • A name for your mod
    • A sentence intended to summarize your mod in a concise phrase to explain the value of your mod.
    • A description of your mod. An engaging description that highlights the features and functionality of your mod. What it is? What it unlocks? Benefits? Use cases?
    • The release notes to communicate changes to users.
    • A link to a public code repository like GitHub, BitBucket or SourceForge (not mandatory)
    • The supporting documentation including data requirements, setup, configuration and usage guides. View template
    • A zip file containing the mod source code, the supporting documentation (.txt or .md formats) and the sample Spotfire® analysis file



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