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  • Live Campaign Monitoring with Spotfire and Spotfire Data Streams

    Use case and examples of live dashboards built using Spotfire and Spotfire Data Streams that enable Telco X's marketing manager to monitor campaign offers made to customers in real-time, and the customers' responses that drive profit.


    Note: (as of February 2024) - you can access a live demo of this scenario.

    Telco X, a fictitious wireless service provider, is running a promotional campaign for the phone model "SmartPhone J7". To ensure its offers are relevant to customers, Telco X uses a machine learning algorithm to select customers to be presented the offer only if they are likely to accept it.

    The live dashboards built using Spotfire and Spotfire Data Stream enable Telco X's marketing manager to monitor campaign offers made to customers in real-time, and the customers' responses that drive profit.

    The campaign monitoring dashboards

    Live offer monitoring

    This page displays live data from the data stream to show the number of web visits, the number of Smartphone J7 offers made to the web visitors, the percentage of customers who accepted the offer (i.e. the conversion rate), and the profit generated from the offers accepted.



    Analysis by top states

    You can interact with the visualizations on this page to analyze the streaming data from the live campaign by states and associate them with static historical data on the customers? profile and their purchase history.

    The bar charts "Top 10 offer volume" and "Top 10 acceptance rate" rank the states by offering volume and acceptance rate respectively. The ranks are dynamically updated as new data on the offers are received in the stream.

    Select a state of your interest in either of the "Top 10" bar charts. Here, we provide an example on California. Upon selecting the state in the bar chart, it is highlighted on the map. A breakdown of the acceptance and rejection rates is shown on the bottom left. These percentages vary as new offers are made.

    To inspect the customers who did not accept the SmartPhone J7 offer, click on the blue segment of the bar under "Selected states". The records of these customers show up in the "Customer Profile" section. These are historical customer records and are not streamed to Spotfire. Instead, Spotfire associates the customer ID from the live campaign data stream with the historical customer records to show only the profiles of those customers who rejected the offer.

    To view what products these customers purchased in the past, click on any row of the customer profile. The orders that the selected customer has made before are shown under the "Historical customer orders" section.

    If you followed the series of clicks described above, your page should resemble the following screenshot. The exact numbers, customer profiles, and historical customer orders shown may differ as they are dependent on how much data is already streamed.




    You may repeat this for customers who accepted the offer.

    Then, select other states and inspect the customer profile and the order history of those states.

    You may clear all your selections at any time and start again by going to the ?Edit? menu and then selecting ?Reset all markings?.




    Summary and feedback

    The Live Campaign Monitoring dashboards in this demo illustrate the following concepts:

    • Visualization of streaming data in Spotfire
    • Live updates of "Top 10 states" based on information received from streaming data.
      • This uses the native Spotfire bar chart Show/Hide Items property to show or hide items based on the ?Top 10 values? rule.
    • Drill downs from streaming visualizations
    • Linking values in a streaming datasource to values in the feature layer on a map
    • Linking values in a streaming datasource to static, historical tables

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