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  • List of hotfixes for TIBCO Spotfire® Clients (Analyst, Web Player (Consumer/Business Author) and Automation Services) v7.5.x

    TIBCO Spotfire 7.5.x 

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    TS_7.5.1.11 HF-014: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.5.x (Released: June 14, 2017)



    TS-49834 - Error bars in a trellised scatterplot with multiple scales could have the wrong scaling.

    TS-49922 - Public bookmarks created by a deleted user isn't visible.

    TS-50100 - Trellis label may be incorrect for some deep hierarchies.

    TS_7.5.1.10 HF-013: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.5.x (Released: March 17, 2017)



    TS-49226 - Client could crash when right-clicking visualization if "Group from Marked" applied.

    TS-49207 - Update TERR engine to 4.3.0.

    TS_7.5.1.9 HF-012: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.5.x (Released: February 24, 2017)



    TS-48790 - Added a preference that if changed to true will force custom data sources to execute on the application thread which may solve issues with custom datasources using COM.

    TSWP-11431 - WebPlayer instance may restart when opening analysis due to issue with connection string for OleDb based datasource.

    TS-49002 - Potential crash when replacing data in a table used by data relationships.

    TS_7.5.1.8 HF-011: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.5.x (Released: January 25, 2017)



    TS-48451 - Not possible to open an analysis which uses a culture which is not available on the current system.

    TS-48545 - Box plot hightlight rendering could sometimes cause a crash.

    TSWP-11381 - Error when zooming in maps: Out of Memory. The task could not be completed. Unhandled worker thread exception and crash.

    TS_7.5.1.6 HF-010: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.5.x (Released: January 10, 2017)



    This hotfix corresponds to Service Pack version 7.5.1. If you apply this hotfix, there is no need to install Service Pack version 7.5.1. For more information about the Service Pack, please refer to the January 10, 2017 TIBCO Security Advisory for TIBCO Spotfire.





    TS_7.5.0.93 HF-009: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.5.x (Released: December 16, 2016)



    TS-47743 - Large inputs to on-demand queries can crash the application. They now fail gracefully with a warning message.

    TS-47930 - Specific Information Link issue, when a temporary network communication problem occurs before any data has been returned, may abort execution.

    TS-48006 - When copying a visualization and the analysis have a text area with a button based on some data function, Spotfire may become unstable.

    TSWP-11283 - Deadlock observed in DataBlockStorage related to LogStatistics.

    TSWP-11292 - Service instances may remove each other's temp files during start/stop

    TSWP-11317 - Date picker can pick wrong value when the time zone settings of the server and client differed significantly.





    TS_7.5.0.92 HF-008: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.5.x (Released: November 2, 2016)



    TS-47522 - Spotfire may become unstable when changing bar to line in combination chart when series by date time column with time equals to 00:00:00.

    TS-47629 - Added authentication dialog for basic proxy authentication.

    TSWP-11213 - Confusing status messages when logging out from an analysis.

    TSWP-11227 - Slow loading of analysis under some circumstances when many users are loading it at the same time.





    TS_7.5.0.91 HF-007: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.5.x (Released: October 10, 2016)



    TS-47039 - NullReferenceException if an Information Link fails to execute on server (hiding the underlying exception).

    TS-47064 - Boxplot tooltip could be misleading for certain data types.

    TS-47086 - Excel type and name rows were not detected automatically when having numeric column names.

    TS-47090 - Spotfire could become unstable when opening certain corrupt files.

    TS-47110 - "Workbook contains no work sheet" warning was given when browsing for moved Excel file.

    TS-47193 - Points connected in wrong order in lines in combination chart when having continuous x-axis.

    TS-47335 - Expression parameters to scripts can only evaluate on the default table.

    TS-47338 - Spotfire may become unstable when right clicking in visualizations having pruned hierarchies in combination with other expressions on an axis.

    TS-47342 - Wrong result for THEN expression when combining pre and post THEN OVER and navigating over an axis with (Column Names).

    TS-47318 - The bundled TERR engine has been updated to version 4.2.0.

    TS-47433 - Spotfire may become unstable when using non-existing (i.e. misspelled) hierarchy in nested expressions.

    TSWP-11132 - Applying bookmarks in configuration blocks now works even if the analysis was not previously loaded on the current server.

    TSWP-11153 - A details Cross Table, that uses the 'Empty visualization' message, does not update when marking changes in the master visualization.

    TSWP-11166 - Unable to use a custom header without cobranding.

    TSWP-11180 - Navigate to Page action from Script control does not get logged to the Audit Logs. The same if done manually gets logged successfully.





    TS_7.5.0.89 HF-006: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.5.x (Released: September 14, 2016)



    TS-46798 - Scripts in text areas can be invoked multiple times on property changes.

    TS-46875 - A data table created from an existing on-demand data table with inserted transformations, does not get automatically updated when the on-demand data table changes.

    TS-46896 - No notification when a data function is automatically removed due to all of its outputs being removed.

    TS-47009 - Performance issues with over expressions in nested aggregations and multiple measures.

    TS-47007 - Wrong result when having a THEN-expression with two OVER-expressions referencing different axes.

    TSWP-11003 - "Update every 0 minutes" schedule reloads files, when cashed in memory, if StopUpdatesAfterRepeatedFail is set by previous schedule.

    TSWP-11009 - Spotfire may become unstable when the underlying data changes and the analysis was started with configuration blocks that set the state of a list box filter.





    TS_7.5.0.86 HF-005: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.5.x (Released: August 18, 2016)



    TS-46413 - Scrollbars are not shown for multi-line input fields.

    TS-46417 - Missing error indication when text entered in an input field in the Text Area is malformed.

    TS-46432 - Using != and = methods in expression language differs for some multibyte characters in strings when compared to versions before 5.0. Operator != had issues when comparing a column with a string constant not present in the column.

    TS-46420 - Error when combining multiple subsets, multiple measures and expressions spanning multiple tables.

    TS-46524 - Not able to move/drag visualizations to the bottom of the page if the page has custom visualization area size (with vertical scroll bar).

    TS-46575 - Expression aliases are now persisted when changing order using the select columns dialog.

    TS-46637 - Tiled markers in the map chart are sometimes displayed as bars.

    TS-46629 - Spotfire generats unsupported 'Default' aggregation function for a non-measure column for SAP HANA.

    TS-46641 - Trellis labels in map chart are not rendered intermittently if updated from data function.

    TS-46660 - Spotfire may become unstable when editing Data Function parameters having type Date with DateTime value.

    TS-46672 - Min and max value for slider in Text Area are never visible.

    TS-46677 - Improved line chart rendering performance when rendering many lines with many markers and marker labels were enabled.

    TS-46724 - Spotfire may become unstable when running scripts with invalid expression parameters.

    TS-46743 - Lines and curves can be incorrect in stacked bar charts for some cases.

    TS-46756 - Last column is not visible in the Columns property page for the Summary Table visualization on Japanese OS.

    TS-46754 - Custom URI format in the Table visualization column link renderer causes Spotfire to become unstable.

    TS-46748 - Error when inserting columns from an information link.

    TSWP-10924 - On demand functionality fails from web player if data table is imported while making connector connection to SQL server that uses windows credentials.

    TSWP-10903 - Fixed date range prompt, which was not possible to change value for in Firefox and IE.

    TSWP-10945 - The export to PDF API throws InvalidOperationException if invoked from a custom export tool.





    TS_7.5.0.85 HF-004: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.5.x (Released: July 6, 2016)



    TSWP-10669 - Third party components could prevent analyses from performing a Scheduled Update.

    TS-46098 - Disabled Line/Curve from Data Table when using external data

    TSWP-10694 - Automatically updated Data Function with only property outputs was not executed during document load.

    TS-46094 - Excel rows getting ignored twice when having ignored rows before the name row

    TSAS-752 - Unable to validate an automation service custom task in Package Builder for target Any Client.

    TSWP-10715 - Analysis configured with a 24/7 schedule with no reload are reloaded anyway at schedule start time

    TSWP-10724 - False ErrorInternal callbacks from the JavaScript API when having multiple analyses in one mashup

    TS-46257 - Forms submission not allowed in custom visuals.

    TS-46320 - Deleted columns used by calculated columns could sometimes re-appear after additional operations.

    TSWP-10788 - In some situations when an analysis opened by the JavaScript API is closed or an error is displayed, links for re-opening the analysis or navigating to the library may be accessible. Note that this also requires the latest hot fix of the Spotfire Server.

    TSWP-10781 - Performance counter for users for "# concurrent users" could become negative and duplicate login/logout events for users could occur in Audit Log.

    TSWP-10697 - Co-Branding: not possible to change Analytics App (library browser) title.

    TSS-17639 - Addressing some cases where data retrieval via Information Services fail without retry.





    TS_7.5.0.84 HF-003: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.5.x (Released: June 2, 2016)



    TS-45528 - Improved performance of Replace Data for tables with a large number of columns.

    TS-45659 - Made it possible to open analysis saved in newer releases, which used any of the connectors: Teradata, MySql, Hortonworks, Impala.

    TS-45681 - Analyses from version 3.3 or older, with on-demand data, was loaded despite that the tables are embedded.

    TS-45664 - The outermost labels on some multi-level hierarchy scales could be incorrectly positioned.

    TS-45710 - In some cases when nesting too many CTRL-click markings/unmarkings, Spotfire could terminate.

    TS-45720 - Extensions based on the CustomVisualView API could not use popups and downloads.

    TS-45722 - The Reload Data button in the toolbar could become disabled after saving tables as embedded and reopening.

    TS-45767 - Using DocumentProperty() in custom expressions with time-based document properties and external data caused Spotfire to terminate.

    TS-45690 - Local file links in table plot was not working.

    TS-45654 - Local TERR engine is now updated to version 4.1.





    TS_7.5.0.82 HF-002: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.5.x (Released: April 27, 2016)



    TS-45025 - using != and = methods in expression language differs for some multibyte characters in strings when compared to versions before 5.0.

    TS-45071 - When RXReplace or ~= are used with too complex expressions, the client can become unstable.

    TS-45139 - When aggregation methods UAV, LAV, Outliers, or PctOutliers are used in combination with DayOfWeek, the client can become unstable.

    TS-44660 - Null is not sent for stored procedure parameters when using on-demand.

    TS-45121 - The Open method is missing from the the JavaScript API.

    TS-45404 - Incorrect sorting for calculated column using BinByDateTime with Month.

    TS-45428 - Zoom widget is broken when using datasets with "Projection" set to "None".

    TS-45423 - Not possible to use Teradata columns with names longer than 30 characters.

    TS-45332 - The column properties dialog hangs for in-db string columns when there is a lot of data.

    TS-45050 - Updated client to handle forward compatibility.

    TSDK-584 - Deploy to server in Package Builder fails when the deployment area has Spotfire Connectors deployed.





    TS_7.5.0.81 HF-001: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® 7.5.x (Released: March 30, 2016)



    TS-43960 - Saving analysis to disk, or library, while logged in to the server takes a long time while stating "Searching the Library".

    TS-43984 - Spotfire may terminate when opening the text area editor containing miniature visualizations with invalid expressions.

    TS-44136 - Table groups in the filter panel are visible even if they do not contain any visible filters.

    TS-44327 - Logarithmic curve fits can sometimes become invisible.

    TS-44147 - Spotfire may terminate when adding a specific color rule in cross table.

    TS-44050 - Filters can sometimes be partially hidden by the scroll bar on the filter panel.

    TS-44474 - Cached data connection is accessible for a user with no access to saved data connection in the library.

    TS-44504 - Calculated column does not reflect name changes if multiple referenced column names are changed at the same time in a python-script executed in one transaction.

    TS-44501 - Initializing an update of the installed client may take a long time.

    TS-44567 - Using concatenate when all arguments are null or empty strings may cause Spotfire to terminate.

    TS-44569 - Unable to edit some preferences in Administration Manager.

    TS-44735 - Action controls in the Text Area that use scripts with expression arguments are disabled.

    TS-44936 - In certain configurations, data functions prompts for credentials multiple times.

    TS-44932 - When Header row and row heights are set in the table plot, the top of the next row is visible.

    TSWP-9789 - Javascript API can not retrieve document property values that contains quotes.

    TSWP-10123 - In some situations with unstable network communication, a Web Player service instance may be taken off-line.

    TSWP-10146 - Delegated Kerberos can stop working for user sessions that are open for longer than the Kerberos ticket timeout (10 hours).

    TSWP-10191 - Shape files (.shp) are not allowed in Business Author and Consumer.

    TSWP-10189 - Anonymous users might not be able to open up an analysis files if they were previously logged-in.

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