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  • List of hotfixes for Spotfire® Clients (Analyst, Web Player (Consumer/Business Author) and Automation Services) v7.9.x

    Spotfire® 7.9.x

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    TS_7.9.2.12 HF-011: Hotfix for Spotfire® 7.9.x (Released: September 04, 2018)


    TS-55681 - Visualization does not always update after refresh is done via Python script.

    TS-56251 - Marking in KPI Chart depends on the time axis.

    TS-56423 - Text is garbled for certain characters in multiple places in the UI for non-English languages.

    TS_7.9.2.11 HF-010: Hotfix for Spotfire® 7.9.x (Released: July 05, 2018)


    TS-55157 - Bad query generated for on-demand when limiting data by active filtering.

    TS-56007 - Unable to perform large pivot calculations.

    TS-55571 - When using Kerberos with mixed mode, some functionality may sometimes not work as intended.

    TS_7.9.2.9 HF-009: Hotfix for Spotfire® 7.9.x (Released: June 26, 2018)


    This hotfix corresponds to Service Pack version 7.9.2. If you apply this hotfix, there is no need to install Service Pack version 7.9.2

    TS_7.9.1.17 HF-008: Hotfix for Spotfire® 7.9.x (Released: April 18, 2018)


    TS-53239 - Unable to open files with some calculated columns depending on multiple data functions.

    TS-53290 - Unable to connect to OData endpoint using https.

    TS-54780, TS-54773 - Spotfire® now validates transferred content while opening or saving items in the Spotfire® library as well as transferred data when using Information Services if both client and server supports that.

    TSDC-4658 - SSAS connector: Dimensions and hierarchies could not have the same name.

    TSDC-4675 - OData connector: Unable to import decimal data type.

    TS_7.9.1.16 HF-007: Hotfix for Spotfire® 7.9.x (Released: March 21, 2018)


    TS-52948 - Using replace value and "Edit">"Data Table Properties">"Refresh Data" >"With Prompt" results in crash.

    TS-53137 - Spotfire® terminates during startup (System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary.)

    TS-52920 - Filtering of RowId() expression based calculated column using List Box filter gives wrong filtered output.

    TS-52949 - Improved performance in Edit Text Area when using lots of dynamic controls (Action control, Filter, Property Control or Dynamic Item).

    TSWP-12101 - Under certain conditions (running Kerberos, most RAM is in use, user initiated analysis load) loading a large analysis can fail with an UnauthorizedAccessException logged in the service log.

    TSWP-12036 - Performance problem: script trust cause library request even if script is trusted by analysis.

    TS_7.9.1.15 HF-006: Hotfix for Spotfire® 7.9.x (Released: January 19, 2018)


    TS-52449 - Instability when looking at data table source information, if an Add Rows operation had matched two columns with the same name to two different columns.

    TS-52470 - Unable to use multiple select list box in text area with non-unique values.

    TS-52477 - Improved robustness when detecting I/O errors while saving analysis.

    TS-52482 - CRC check performed after reading DataTables.

    TS-52546 - Spotfire® may terminate unexpectedly and crash instead of showing an error message, when attempting to Insert Columns with Too Deep join condition.

    TSDC-4487 - Fixed issue in SAP BW connector when keys contains hard brackets.

    TSDC-4432 - Performance improvement when loading available tables in 'Views in Connection' for the Oracle connector.

    TSWP-11973 - If a service is paging out data and has health status set to Exhausted, it may start to log lots of duplicated "Evaluating service instance health status" messages while paging out data.

    TS_7.9.1.13 HF-005: Hotfix for Spotfire® 7.9.x (Released: November 30, 2017)


    TS-51938 - Removed columns can reappear when adding columns, for certain old analyses initially created in 4.5 and earlier.

    TS-52009 - GetRows with DataValueCursor.CreateFormatted only gets correct formatting for the first cursor.

    TS-52052 - Analysis files with Data Table data sources that had been refreshed to use another source table, which had then been removed, can become impossible to open.

    TS-52176 - Embedded data is sometimes loaded multiple times.

    TS-52156 - Issues when running display scale factor other than 100%.

    TS-52192 - Performance issue with pivot transformations on large data sets.

    TS-52153 - API: Instances of CustomVisualView are not disposed.

    TS-52189 - Web Player, Automation Services and client creates temp files with random extensions.

    TSWP-11940 - Failure to open Information Link with prompts in an environment with multiple Spotfire® servers.

    TSDC-4402 - The Proxy User setting in Teradata connector is not working properly.

    TS_7.9.1.10 HF-004: Hotfix for Spotfire® 7.9.x (Released: October 30, 2017)


    TS-51264 - Refreshing a schema for a data connection containing only custom queries may cause an error.

    TS-51266 - Editing a connection used in parts of a top-level embedded table may cause an error.

    TS-51312 - The hash for a trusted script is not included if an analysis is saved as a new analysis in the library.

    TS-51338 - When using a Spotfire® database with character set 'JA16SJISTILDE', MATLAB and SAS options in Register data function dialog are not shown.

    TS-51486 - The Progress tab in notifications dialog leaks window handles, and can cause application to terminate when running out of handles.

    TS-51489 - After Materialized Views have been refreshed, the corresponding columns are no longer visible in the Views in Connection dialog.

    TS-51675 - When opening a new analysis, the result of closing the current analysis is not handled properly and could cause Spotfire® Analyst to terminate.

    TS-51756 - The Tags Panel can be frozen with graphical artifacts when switching between windows on Windows 7.

    TSDC-4323 - Unable to connect to PostgreSQL database versions that does not support Materialized Views using the PostgreSQL Connector.

    TSDC-4374 - Upgrading a 7.0 analysis with a SAP HANA connection with information views fails.

    TSDC-4381 - The Netezza connector fails to load columns for a table if there is a table with the same name in a different database schema.

    TSWP-11905 - Under certain conditions, some threads may hang when analyses are refreshed by Scheduled Updates, leading to increased CPU and memory usage over time.

    TSWP-11899 - Under certain conditions, for example extremely high load or memory usage, no MemoryStatusChangedMonitoringEvents will be sent which means that the Spotfire® Server may not show the correct health state (Exhausted/Strained/Ok).

    TSWP-11840 - When exporting a Graphical Table to cvs, the header row may contain less columns than the value rows, resulting in an incorrect csv file.

    TSWP-11859 - Changed QueryCacheEntryMaxAge default value to 24 hours rather than infinity to prevent strained service instances.

    TSWP-11871 - Under certain conditions, using Scheduled Updates and library sbdf caching may cause a memory leak.

    TS_7.9.1.8 HF-003: Hotfix for Spotfire® 7.9.x (Released: September 6, 2017)


    TS-50972 - Crash when selecting to create a new custom query while source tables are loading in the Views in Connection dialog.

    TS-51009 - A memory leak may occur in the KPI Chart, for example, if the user switches the page while the KPI chart is rendering.

    TS-51014 - A memory leak may occur when highlighting.

    TS-51021 - Pessimistic group-by metadata led to poor join performance.

    TS-51025 - Data engine memory leak when filtering in listbox filter.

    TS-51034 - Spotfire® may terminate when editing color rule using preprocessor column properties.

    TS-51066 - Tags are lost when opening analyses using "new data when possible".

    TSWP-11749 - A memory leak may occur, if the user is prompted (for example by export) long enough for two scheduled update reloads to execute.

    TSWP-11751 - A memory leak may occur, if saving an analysis under scheduled updates and then interacting with another instance while the scheduled analysis is refreshed.

    TSWP-11760 - A memory leak may occur, for example, if interacting with an analysis during schedule update refresh.

    TSWP-11764 - Spotfire® may terminate if interacting with an analysis during schedule update refresh.

    TSWP-11769 - Improved logging for finding memory leaks.

    TSWP-11773 - A memory leak may occur, for example, if the user switches the page while a visualization is rendering.

    TSWP-11777 - A memory leak may occur, for example, if a data function or an on-demand executes while a scheduled update executes.

    TSWP-11781 - A memory leak may occur, if a background task does not terminate properly for an analysis under scheduled update.

    TSWP-11786 - A memory leak may occur, if interacting with an analysis during shutdown.

    TSWP-11794 - A memory leak may occur, if using images on cross table axis.

    TSWP-11800 - Spotfire® may terminate when using Information Links that require credentials in a load balanced Spotfire® Server environment.

    TSWP-11809 - A memory leak may occur, if loading an analysis with calculated columns and hierarchies fails.

    TSWP-11819 - Action logging message "mem" for monitoring_wp and monitoring_as were missing.

    TS_7.9.1.7 HF-002: Hotfix for Spotfire® 7.9.x (Released: September 6, 2017)


    TS-50888 - Adding parameter expressions may fail unless table is specified.

    TS-50890 - Spotfire® may terminate when displaying geometries in table plot, if coordinates have value: NaN.

    TS-50931 - Disabled map chart data layers should not access underlying data.

    TS-50988 - Proxy issue with map chart tiles and text area links.

    This hotfix corresponds to Service Pack version 7.9.1. If you apply this hotfix, there is no need to install Service Pack version 7.9.1

    TS_7.9.0.36 HF-001: Hotfix for Spotfire® 7.9.x (Released: July 7, 2017)


    TS-50224 - Performance degradation when executing data connections (particularly cubes).

    TS-50227 - Setting up an on-demand connection with no defined inputs would result in an unusable analysis.

    TS-50231 - Improved UI performance under heavy load.

    TS-50235 - SaveCompatibiltyVersion preference ignored when saving an analysis from the Web Player using Save As menu and when saving a file using Automation Services task Save Analysis to Library.

    TS-50298 - Enables more data to be sent from frontend (JS) and backend (C#) by increasing support for websocket protocol https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6455

    TS-50339 - Allows Custom Automation services task to start a task with a progress locally.

    TS-50390 - Marking one element in a visualization that splits on (Row Number) marks all elements corresponding to the same row in the data table.

    TS-50433 - Source View stops working when removing the output parameter from a data function that has transformations on it.

    TS-50470 - DateTimeNow without aggregation method should be possible to use as a constant.

    TSDC-4066 - Allow user to connect to a Netezza host with underscore in the dns name.

    TSDC-4092 - Impala data connector tables did not work if they contained unsupported data types.

    TSDC-4168 - Impala data connector tables customer queries could not be verified if they contained unsupported data types.

    TSDC-4095 - Custom expression with a CASE expression gave SQL syntax error.

    TS-50544 - Dendrogram in heatmap based on table with data relation to tables with linked data could cause analysis to not open.

    TS-50562 - Add Columns in analyses created in 6.0 lost the "treat empty values as equal" setting.

    TS-50567 - Analysis in scheduled updates with user specific data and columns added from a data function could not be loaded.

    TS-50581 - Explicitly assigned formatter in calculated column transformation had no effect in some cases.

    TSWP-11644 - Prevent crashes for concurrent PDF exports in web player.

    TS-50679 - Certain plot configurations that were valid in 7.7 became invalid in 7.9.

    TSWP-11645 - Analysis hang while disposing.

    TS-50262 - Graphical artifacts in tags panel when switching between applications.

    TS-50265 - Added configuration to enable CEF --ignore-gpu-blacklist option.

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