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  • List of hotfixes for Spotfire Miner

    Hotfixes for Spotfire Miner.

    Note: this product has reached end of life. For more information, see https://support.tibco.com/s/article/Tibco-KnowledgeArticle-RetirementNotice-37437

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    NOTE:  Spotfire  Miner hotfixes are cumulative - each new hotfix contains all previous hotfixes as well.


    TIBCO Spotfire Miner 8.1.2

    DOWNLOAD LATEST HOTFIX (Note: for this download link to work, you must be logged in to the TIBCO Support Portal)  

    8.1.2 HF-001: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® Miner 8.1.2 (Released: September 22, 2009)


    TIBCO Spotfire Miner 3.0 

    DOWNLOAD LATEST HOTFIX (Note: for this download link to work, you must be logged in to the TIBCO Support Portal)  

    3.0.1 HF-001: Hotfix for TIBCO Spotfire® Miner 8.1.2 (Released: November 31, 2003)

    • It was possible to encounter an import failure when trying to import a SAS data file into Miner 8.1.2
    • Creating a Predict node from the linear model would fail
    • Avoid duplicate error messages in Aggregate node when expected column not found.
    • Prevent inconsistent results in Classification Agreement after a Predict node due to stale model information.
    • Remove selection before deleting items from column lists to avoid ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exceptions in dialogs.
    • Recognize user-specified columns in Classification Agreement.
    • Prevent links to Annotation nodes.
    • Prevent the context menu for the Explorer pane from extending off the screen.
    • Generate C code successfully for all model types on Solaris.
    • Handle additional forms of exponential notation (1e10, 1E10, 1E+10) when converting strings to doubles.
    • Table viewer now displays very large and very small numbers using scientific notation.
    • Minor improvements to file and database import/export.
    • Restore multiple-input links correctly on worksheets with a large number of links.
    • In the S-PLUS Script dialog, avoid adding extra line return characters on Windows and dropping newlines on UNIX due to incorrect end-of-line modifications when using the Edit button.
    • When merging two columns, check for identical levels when merging metadata to avoid having two copies of the levels in the list of levels.
    • In the Missing Values dialog, include an empty string "" in the Key Column option link so the user can set the key to be empty if it was accidentally set to some other value.
    • Refresh network layout information when the Neural Network viewer is launched during run to make sure the layout matches the current settings.
    • Convert separators in file paths to the appropriate separator for the platform in Export HTML, Export PMML, and Generate C Input.
    • Improve the stability of the license manager interaction on Solaris. Avoid hard crashes during exit when a license is not available. Present license management warning and error messages in the console where IMiner was started rather than in dialogs.
    • Improve the formatting of some license manager administration messages on Solaris.
    • On Solaris, Insightful Miner may fail to start if the S-PLUS Library for Insightful Miner is installed but S-PLUS cannot contact the S-PLUS license manager or an S-PLUS license is not available. The symptom is that the splash screen appears, and then the application hangs or terminates. A workaround is to use a new command line argument. IMiner -nosplus opens Insightful Miner without attempting to access S-PLUS.
    • See Release Notes for more details (Note: for this link to work, you must be logged in to the TIBCO Support Portal)  
    • See Installation instructions for how to install (Note: for this link to work, you must be logged in to the TIBCO Support Portal)  

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