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  • Linear Interpolation Data Function for Spotfire®

    This article provides information on the Linear Interpolation TERR Data Function for Spotfire, which can interpolate missing values in numerical columns using specified input parameters.

    Please download the Linear Interpolation Data Function for Spotfire® from the exchange. 


    Details about the data function

    Programming Language: TERR

    Required R Packages: zoo, dplyr

    Description: This data function takes any number of numerical columns and interpolates missing values.


    • interp.on - Column of timestamps, dates, intervals, or other sequential data you would like to interpolate on
    • interp.me - Select column(s) of data with missing values that you would like to interpolate for
    • interp.group - Specify column of data to group interpolations by
    • interp.method - Specify if the desired interpolation method is 'Spline' or 'Linear'


    • df - Interpolation results. Add as calculated column back to your input data table

    More Resources

    • Watch the YouTube video showing this feature:

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