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  • Kanban Board Mod for Spotfire®

    Version 1.1.0, released March 2022



    Kanban boards visually depict work at various stages of a process using cards to represent work items and columns to represent each stage of a process.

    Data requirement

    Every mod handles missing, corrupted and/or inconsistent data in different ways. It is advised to always review how the data is visualized.

    As a basic example you can have three columns "to do", "doing" and "done" and the list of tasks in respective column according to their current status. You could also use a Kanban-like board to plan activities and have columns for upcoming sprints or quarters with activities planned for that columns.

    Setting up the chart

    In this example dataset, we have 3 columns: Task, Status, Status Group, Icon

    Task Status Status Group Icon
    Test new image compressing solutions Requirement Analysis Requirement Gathering  
    Deliver promo codes to resellers Requirement Analysis Requirement Gathering  
    As client I can give feedback through my account, no questions asked Requirement Analysis Requirement Gathering  
    Edit "About Us" page Requirement Analysis Requirement Gathering asterisk
    As page admin I can change the layout any time Requirement Analysis Requirement Gathering flag
    Update disavow file Waiting In Development star
    Mote bugs with SF-78 feature Waiting In Development lock
    Speak to Mike Waiting In Development  
    As PM I can review all code before updating the website Waiting In Development  
    As a user I can edit all my details in "Profile" Waiting In Development  
    New users should be able to find their recent files Working On In Development trophy
    As a user I want to access to all recent changes Working On In QA comment
    Prepare document for the tax office Working On In QA  
    Discuss increasing page view strategies with Petra Waiting In Verification  
    As a user I can edit all of my details in Delivery View Waiting In Verification  
    As a user I can cancel subscriptions any time Waiting In Verification chess-king
    As an admin I can see all my team activities Waiting In Verification  
    As stakeholder I have access to the recent deployments from my investment view Working On In Verification  

    A Kanban board can be configured to show a task board by creating a Kanban board with the following settings:

    - Column = 'Status Group'
    - Card = 'Task'

    Optionally we could also use colors to show tasks status. E.g:

    - Color By = 'Status'

    Optionally we can also add an icon to the cards to indicate certain situations of a task or item like existing impediment, complexity or priority. A certain list of icons is available. Add an attribute to the Icon axis, that contains the icon name as a string (see icons list).


    Icons list

    • ambulance
    • angle-double-right
    • angle-right
    • asterisk
    • ban
    • bookmark
    • bug
    • bullhorn
    • check-circle
    • chess-king
    • chess-knight
    • chess-pawn
    • cog
    • comment
    • comments
    • exclamation-triangle
    • flag
    • handshake
    • lightbulb
    • lock
    • magic
    • radiation
    • redo
    • star
    • trophy
    • umbrella
    • user
    • wrench

    Using up the Kanban board


    Hover a card to show a tooltip.


    Click a card to mark it in the Kanban board and in all other visualizations that use the same marking. Click a column title to mark all sub-cards. Click an empty space in between cards to clear marking.

    Help and support

    This Mod for Spotfire® is not supported by Spotfire Support.
    In the event of issues or to suggest features and enhancements, submit an issue in the Mod's GitHub repository.
    For general questions about Mods, please post a question in the Forum for Extensions & Mods to make it visible and routed to the appropriate team(s) to respond.

    More information about Mods for Spotfire®

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