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  • JSViz Problems with Spotfire 7.6


    Users of the JavaScript Visualization Framework (JSViz) that upgrade to Spotfire 7.6 may encounter some showstopper problems:

    1. Errors when saving a DXP file containing a JSViz visualization
    2. Problems opening any existing DXP files in the Web Player
    3. Errors when attenpting to upgrade a Web Player or Automation Services instances

    The solution to these problems requires the following two actions:

    1. Upgrade JSViz to Version or higher - https://community.spotfire.com/s/article/JavaScript-Visualization-Framework-JSViz-and-TIBCO-Spotfire
    2. Install Spotfire 7.6 Hotfix 3 or higher - http://support.spotfire.com/patches_spotfire.asp#spotfire76

    JSViz has been validated as working with Spotfire 7.6 Hotfix 3.

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