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  • IoT Completions Accelerator


    The IoT Completions Accelerator provides a sample implementation of streaming real-time hydraulic fracturing data. It allows operators to monitor frac performance during frac, wireline, and coil operations. Using  Spotfire® they can compare historical well completions records against current live progress in the same dashboard. 

    This Accelerator was developed in conjunction with Spotfire® partner, Rivitt.io.

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    The IoT Completions Accelerator can be downloaded from the Exchange.


    Business Scenario

    In the Oil and Gas industry Completions refers to the process of making a well ready for production after the drilling process has completed. It involves preparing the bottom of the hole to required specifications, casing the open hole, running in production tubing, and well as perforating and stimulating. The process produces a number of metrics that are key for measuring the progress of the completions process. These real time data are transmitted to the surface and typically captured in a historian. This Accelerator enables real-time streaming of completions data and concurrent analysis.

    Benefits and Business Value

    The Completions Accelerator gives the flexibility on what is measured from the completions data, and also how this information is presented to the operating engineers. Spotfire® provides the ability to host the real time data, alongside the historical data. This combination of real-time and historical data greatly assists the analysis in the event of a real time anomaly.

    Technical Scenario

    The Completions Accelerator captures telemetry for 3 main classes of data. In the Accelerator a simulator is used to replay data from CSV files, but in an actual implementation it can be connected to an MQTT server that distributes data points in real-time to subscribing applications like the Accelerator.

    1. Frac and wireline data are provided in a combined dataset so engineers can understand the key metrics in the hydraulic fracturing process.
    2. Coil data is provided to monitor the installation of coil tubing into the completed well. This data is then displayed in real-time using a Spotfire® dashboard.




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