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  • IHS Markit and TIBCO present at IHS Markit Explore: Energy in Houston


    TIBCO Spotfire analytics used in the context of Kingdom Analytics

    Kingdom Analytics Explorer for Spotfire®

    IHS Markit and TIBCO recently presented a demonstration of Kingdom Analytics Explorer for Spotfire® at the conference IHS Markit Explore: Energy in Houston, a conference that dovetailed with the TIBCO Analytics Forum in Houston.

    IHS Markit, a leading source of data and information with over 50,000 customers, recently partnered with TIBCO to deliver advanced analytics capabilities using the vast amounts of energy data available with IHS Markit, together with insights provided by TIBCO Spotfire.

    This enhanced solution combines TIBCO Spotfire® analytics with IHS Markit?s Kingdom Analytics and Harmony Analytics to create a cohesive energy insight platform that delivers greater and faster value to O&G customers through data interpretation tools.

    IHS Markit has integrated TIBCO Spotfire software with its Kingdom Analytics package, providing geological and geophysical data and interpretations, and its Harmony Analytics tool, which provides engineering and drilling production information and analytics. These applications have been tightly integrated with Spotfire analytics for understanding the relevance of each variable and predicting production outcomes.

    At the IHS Markit Explore: Energy event, Camilo Rodriguez, Associate Director, Product Management, IHS Markit, presented together with Michael O'Connell, Chief Analytics Officer, TIBCO, and Peter Shaw, Staff Data Scientist, TIBCO, on a use case that demonstrating Kingdom Analytics. This example brought data from Kingdom into Spotfire for some powerful statistical computations and brought the results back to the Kingdom project.

    You can find more information about Kingdom software and Kingdom Analytics powered by Spotfire here.

    This presentation expanded upon a presentation earlier in the year where Neil Kanungo, TIBCO Data Science presented several use cases that leverage Kingdom Analytics Explorer for Spotfire®.

    Peter Shaw is a staff data scientist in the TIBCO Data Science team, based in Seattle.  His interests include geospatial analysis, mapping, pattern recognition, optimization, time series and routing.  He views data science as a contact sport, with the analyst, the data, and analytical models as the players.  Other interests include photography, drawing, music, and partner dancing.

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