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  • How to - Run Iron Python in a loop (without memory leaks!)

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    You may already be aware that there is a trick to make iron python run repeatedly on a page, which is:

    1. Create a spotfire action button to run the iron python
    2. Wrap this button in a div, so that we can find it in javascript
    3. Create Javascript and use "SetInterval" to click this button repeatedly

    We discovered that the common implementation of the loop trick has a flaw - the javascript "SetInterval" method is fired on every page load. So on multi-tab applications, we end up with many instances of the loop, piling higher and higher until the application becomes unresponsive.

    Attached you will find a dxp that resolves this issue by storing the ID of the created interval, which is cleared out before running a new one.

    We hope you find this page useful. Do you have a challenge we could help with? Get in touch!

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