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  • How to: License Extensions in Spotfire®

    This article explains how a Spotfire license controls access to a specific extension, and describes the Administration Manager Tool

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    Licensing Extensions

    A Spotfire license controls access to a specific extension. The license is enabled in the Administration Manager tool for the group which should have access to it.

    See also troubleshoot custom licenses.


    A license only controls access to the extension in graphical user interface of Spotfire, but it does not limit access to the extension programmatically in any way.

    The Spotfire API defines a general license called Spotfire Extensions. It can enabled or disabled, allowing administrators to switch on and off all Spotfire extensions in one action. You can not create a new license. You can only add licensed functions to the existing Spotfire Extensions license.

    A licensed function is the finest granular license control in the Spotfire license system. It is typically associated with a particular extension, and controls access to it. To create a custom licensed function for an extension, implement the abstract Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Extension.CustomLicense class according to the pattern detailed in CustomLicense API documentation.

    Licensed functions and extension types

    Depending on the extension type the licensed function is associated with the extension, either by passing it to the constructor or, for a few extension types even simpler, by passing it to the registrar.

    Passing the licensed function to the constructor

    • CustomTool
    • CustomExportTool
    • CustomVisualFactory
    • ConfiguredVisualFactory
    • CustomFittingModelFactory
    • CustomValueRendererFactory
    • CustomPanelFactory
    • CustomRowMethod
    • CustomColumnMethod
    • CustomAggregationMethod
    • CustomCalculationFactory
    • CustomFileDataSourceFactory

    Passing the licensed function to the registrar

    • VirtualColumnRegistrar.Register
    • DataTransformationRegistrar.Register
    • DataWriterRegistrar.Register
    • DataSourceRegistrar.Register 

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