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  • How to Download Spotfire® Cloud Analyst for a Free Trial

    This guide helps get you started with visual data discovery using Spotfire® Cloud  Analyst during your Free Trial.

    If you don't already have a TIBCO® Cloud Spotfire™ account, you can register for our free 30-day trial.

    Free TIBCO® Cloud Spotfire™ Trial

    Additional resources: TIBCO® Cloud Spotfire™ Trial Toolkit and Spotfire Enablement Hub

    To download the Spotfire Cloud Analyst client follow these steps:

    1. Log into http://select-region.cloud.tibco.com/?domain=spotfire&mode=signin
    2. Select your region (same as when you signed up)
    3. Enter your credentials and sign in.
    4. You are now in the web client. Click the big blue button Download for Windows.
    5. This takes you to the Downloads page. Click the big blue button Download for Windows to initiate the download.
    6. Click to launch the installer when it has been downloaded. You will be asked to sign in again and select your preferred language to complete the installation process.

    The Spotfire web client with the blue download button to the right below the illustration:



    The Downloads page with the blue button to download Spotfire Analyst at the top:



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