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  • Getting Data into Spotfire® from OSIsoft PI, Asset Framework, and Event Frames

    Use this Spotfire Custom Data Source to pull data from your OSIsoft PI data source into Spotfire®.

    Important Announcements


    Reading data from AF Attributes with empty or null values may cause the data load to fail.

    This issue is resolved in v1.26.


    Users trying to query Event Frame data may find that the Criteria search controls are disabled (grayed out).

    This issue is resolved in v1.22.


    Users may experience a crash when pivoting AF Data.

    This issue is resolved in v1.18.2 and above.


    One of the most frequently asked Spotfire® questions, particularly from Manufacturing and Oil and Gas customers, is "Can you connect to OSIsoft's PI System?".  There are many standard ways to do this using JDBC and ODBC drivers supplied by OSIsoft.  However, for the casual data discovery user, these require some extra configuration steps that can be challenging.

    In order to make it easier, we developed some Spotfire Custom Data Sources that allow the following:

    • Reading of PI Tag data and metadata
    • Reading of Asset Framework (AF) data and metadata
    • Reading of Event Frame data


    These data sources are shared with the Spotfire Community for free use by customers and partners under the  Spotfire Component Exchange License.  If you have suggestions for enhancements or run into issues, please post questions on Spotfire Community.

    Help and Support

    Please note that this Custom Data Source is not supported through support.tibco.com.  In the event of issues or to get help, please post questions in the Spotfire Community Forum here:


    Make sure that you add the tag "OSIsoft" so that it will be visible.


    Download From Resources

    Release Notes


    User Guide (PDF)

    OSIsoft PI Custom Data Source v1.27.zip



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