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  • Find locations by route distance in Spotfire®

    The article discusses how Spotfire GeoAnalytics Builder integrates with Spotfire to calculate and visualize trade areas, allowing users to determine travel distances from a specific location.

    Please download the Trade Area From GPS Coordinates Data Function and/or the Trade Area From Address Data Function from the exchange.


    The Trade Area data functions take some location information (GPS Coordinates or Address) and a distance between 0.7 and 31 miles as inputs. The data functions also require a Spotfire GeoAnalytics Builder API Key. The data functions will output a Trade Area Polygon that can be visualized in a map chart, as well as additional optional outputs such as trade area’s center, for use in a document property or an annotation. Both data functions require the packages jsonlite and stringr, and Trade Area from Address additionally requires the package curl.

    Trade Areas in Spotfire

    Spotfire GeoAnalytics Builder provides a cloud-based, high-performance, and scalable geospatial technology to geo-enable your data and develop advanced location-based use cases in Spotfire. 

    By using the GeoAnalytics Trade Area API in Spotfire you can calculate and render the maximum area around a location for a given distance, then view this area in a map chart. For example, you can select to view where you can go within 15 miles of a given point. A data file is not necessary for the Trade Area data functions, but can be used to make an interactive trade area dashboard or to combine the Trade Area data functions with any number of other Spotfire GeoAnalytics data functions.


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