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  • Extending Spotfire®

    Spotfire® is highly extensible and customizable. It contains a variety of options to extend the core functionality with custom components, customize and automate your Spotfire analyses or even embed Spotfire visualizations into other web applications.


    Spotfire is highly extensible and customizable. It contains a variety of options to extend the core functionality with custom components, customize and automate your Spotfire analyses or even embed Spotfire visualizations into other web applications.

    You can extend Spotfire yourself using Spotfire publicly published APIs, download extensions from the component exchange or one of our partners marketplaces, or engage one of Spotfire's partners to create it for you.

    Spotfire® Developer

    Spotfire Mods

    Spotfire Mods is a modern lightweight framework for extending Spotfire with reusable visualization and action components.

    Extending Spotfire with C#

    The Spotfire platform provides a comprehensive API that let you extend Spotfire's capabilities with custom components, such as tools, visualizations, data sources, data transformations, and much more.

    Extending Spotfire with Python and R

    The built-in support for Python and R allows for adding Data Functions, and operations performed on the data, to extend the Spotfire analytics experience.  The utilization of existing packages allows for almost limitless creativity and problem-solving.

    Don't want to write it yourself?  The library contains a comprehensive set of pre-built Python and R Data Functions.

    Automation with IronPython

    Configure and automate your Spotfire analysis using IronPython scripting. This is a quick and easy way to get started with customizing Spotfire as you don't need to build a custom extension and you don't need any additional tools.

    Web Integration with JavaScript

    The Spotfire JavaScript API can be used to embed a Spotfire analysis into a web page and to integrate Spotfire with other web applications.

    Web Services (SOAP and REST)

    The Spotfire Server provides web services to interact with the Spotfire Library, Information Services, User Directory, and other server components.

    Extending Spotfire Server with Java

    The Spotfire Server provides Java APIs to extend and customize authentication models, Information Services data sources, and other server components.

    Extending Automation Services with C#

    The Spotfire Automation Services API lets you create custom tasks that can be used together with the built-in tasks when running automated jobs.

    Spotfire Binary Data File (SBDF) programming library

    Integrate Spotfire directly into your data workflows and business processes by generating and consuming data in an optimal format for Spotfire.


    • Cobranding manual. - Customize the look and feel of the Spotfire clients and the Server administrative interface by replacing the product name, logo, and similar resources with those in your own company profile.

    Custom Login Page

    • Create a Custom Login Page - Tutorial showing how to create a custom login page for the Spotfire Server, enabling you to fully customize the look and feel.

    HTML & JavaScript in Text Areas

    • HTML in Spotfire Text Areas -  a great way to enhance the look and feel of your dashboards.
    • JavaScript in Spotfire Text Areas - best practices for writing JavaScript code in Text Areas in a supportable and maintainable way so the analysis files will continue to work with future versions of Spotfire.

    Customize Sample Files

    Parameterize Spotfire Clients and Analyses

    Application Profiler

    • The Spotfire Application Profiler is useful for understanding your analysis files. It can iterate over a collection of files and report on them. The Application Profiler is easily extended using IronPython scripting.

    Spotfire® Deployment Kit for Apple iOS

    New and changed API capabilities in different Spotfire versions

    Extensions & Customizations

    JSViz - JavaScript Visualization Framework

    • JavaScript Visualization Framework, or JSViz, - is a custom extension for Spotfire that allows users to create their own visualizations using JavaScript libraries such as D3 or HighCharts.
    • Brunel - use Brunel as a language to specify complex Javascript D3 visualization in Spotfire using but one line of Brunel code.
    • HTMLwidgets and D3movies  can be published in Spotfire in the respective JS area. This includes those created with TERR using R packages that output Javascript visualizations such as those commonly used in RShiny.

    Python (older Spotfire Versions)

    • With the Python Data Function Extension, users of older versions of Spotfire can still employ Python language in the creation and execution of data functions in Spotfire Data Analyst.

    KNIME and Spotfire

    • KNIME and Spotfire - When you need to quickly and easily manipulate, analyze, and distill statistics from data, the combination of Spotfire and KNIME might be something to consider. It gives you the ability to rapidly iterate and visualize your analyses in a code-free environment for improved speed to insight. Further details are on KNIME partner page.

    Statistica and Spotfire

    • Starting with Spotfire Statistica 13.4 release, the Spotfire-Statistica Data Function allows you to call Statistica workflows from Spotfire. This empowers citizen data scientists by incorporating predictive analytics, along with sophisticated data preparation and cleaning from your Spotfire dashboard. 

    Alerting Framework

    • Spotfire Alerting Framework - allows you to configure alerts directly from any Spotfire analysis file and can be used to alert when thresholds or rules on any chart are violated.  It is an extension for Spotfire that integrates with Automation Services via an alerting task.  The task can generate e-mail, text, or pop-up alerts. 

    Natural Language Generation

    • Spotfire can be extended with natural Language Generation using the Intelligent Narrative Mod. Natural Language Generation is a field of Machine Learning that deals with Natural Language Processing to generate human-like speech. This Mod takes structured data and creates stories with the tone personality & variability of a human being.

    Writing to files and databases from Spotfire

    Extensions & Customizations (partners) 

    Spotfire connector for BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot

    • The integration of Spotfire and BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot allows the creation of workflow-based applications which combine advanced scientific data access and manipulation with powerful interactive visualizations. More information can be found on this page

    Component Exchanges

    • Spotfire components on the Exchange:  Download data functions and analysis templates that enable you to easily extend Spotfire capabilities.


    • Need some extra help extending and customizing Spotfire' Check out our Spotfire Partner overview for some help near you



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