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  • Error loading R Data - file 'raw' is corrupt or not of a supported format

    Attempting to load a Rdata file produced from Spotfire into TIBCO Streaming throws the error:

     Time Output Stream Fields 13:55:09 error description=Adapter Exception: Resume exception for Java : Error loading R Data object on instance [1]: Error in load(StreamBaseFileData) : file 'raw' is corrupt or not of a supported format, originalTuple=, operatorName=default.Java, inputPort=0, nodeName=MTRCorp_ModelPredictions.Administrator, type=adapter-error, action=continue, time=2022-05-05 13:55:09.961+0800 


    This error may happen when loading from either the file system or from AMS, and occurs in TIBCO Streaming when the TERR operator is initialized on startup.

    This problem can be caused by a TERR version mismatch between latest Spotfire and latest Streaming. For example, Spotfire 11.8.0 uses TERR 6.0.0 while TIBCO Streaming 10.6.2 uses TERR 4.4.0, and the default .RData format for TERR 6.0.0 cannot be read by TERR 4.

    Between V4 and V5 of R there was a change in  the underlying file format when you do save or save.image. Loading a file created in newer versions of TERR will cause the 'raw' error in older versions of TERR.

    One resolution to this version mismatch is to add version=2 when you are doing save or save.image commands on the Spotfire TERR side.  Once you save in this fashion, the file can be loaded on the TIBCO Streaming TERR side.

    Alternatively, one can download the version of TERR used by Spotfire, and install it. Then configure TIBCO Streaming to use the downloaded version of TERR instead of the bundled version.  There are two steps to this option:

    1. Uncheck the 'use embedded TERR' in the TERR operator in Streaming
    2. Set the path to the external version you downloaded and installed

    More detailed instructions for Installing an Alternate TERR Version for use by TIBCO Streaming are available on the Using the TERR Operator

    documentation page.

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