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  • Displaying TERR Graphics in Spotfire® using JSViz

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    There are several packages in R that you can use to create interactive JavaScript and HTML-based visualizations.


    The attached document shows how to use JSViz in Spotfire® to display the result of calling one of these packages, ndtv, via TERR and display the resulting video in Spotfire.


    You will need the following items to follow the steps in this article:

    • Spotfire® Enterprise Runtime for R.
    • Spotfire® Enterprise Runtime for R - Server Edition. This is required only if you want to run the example in Spotfire Consumer or Spotfire Business Author.
    • The R Packages "ndtv" and "datasets" installed in TERR.  Use the command install.packages() to install the packages.
    • JSViz or newer.  This can be downloaded from here

    It is important to use the correct versions listed above as the example uses features that have recently been added.


    Download Attachment from Resources



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