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  • Create Scrolling Legend with Unlimited Items



    Spotfire limits chart legends to 29 items, however, a user may want more items to be shown. A simple solution is using a Treemap Visualization as a legend, though that may become crowded. Another (more advanced) solution is to use a Cross Table to create a scrolling legend, as shown here.


    1) Create Cross Table and set Horizontal Axes to "(None", set Vertical Axes to [Your Column], and use the First() aggregation to set Cell Values to "First([Your Column)]". Also change the Display Name of Cell Values to a desirable name in the aggregation's window:

    2) Create a Color By grouping for your column, set the Color Mode to "Unique values", and align the color scheme with your reference chart:

    3) In the Title Bar, go to Controls visibility and uncheck "Axis Selectors"


    4) Unselect "Use separate color for marked items", reduce the first column size, and update the Cross Table title to finalize the formatting of your legend:

    5) To completely hide the first column use run this IronPython script once, with 'vis' set to your Cross Table:

    # Copyright © 2017. TIBCO Software Inc. Licensed under TIBCO BSD-style license.
    # 'vis' is a script parameter
    # Import Modules
    from Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Visuals import *
    # Set row header column width to 0 (i.e. first column)


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