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  • COVID Data Reader (JHU) Data Function for Spotfire

    This Spotfire data function is designed to retrieve and process the most recent COVID-19 data from the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) repository.

    Please download the COVID Data Reader (JHU) Data Function for Spotfire® from the exchange. 


    Details about the data function


    This Spotfire data function fetches the latest COVID-19 data from JHU, cleans it, and organizes it into separate data tables for global and US cases, deaths, and recoveries, all while keeping track of the status of the data loading process. Also, if any of the tables can?t be loaded, it returns a blank data frame and lets the user know that not all data was successfully loaded.

    Compatible versions

    TERR V6.0.1/R V4.3.1 

    Input Parameters

    There are no required input parameters for this function.


    The function provides several output data tables and information:

    • global_confirmed_df: Data table containing global confirmed COVID-19 cases.
    • global_deaths_df: Data table containing global COVID-19 deaths.
    • global_recoveries_df: Data table containing global COVID-19 recoveries.
    • us_confirmed_df: Data table containing US confirmed COVID-19 cases.
    • us_deaths_df: Data table containing US COVID-19 deaths.
    • last_checked: Timestamp indicating the time when the data was last loaded.
    • data_status: A message indicating the stage of data loading, including success or failure.

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