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  • Convert Lines to Points Data Function for Spotfire

    This data function converts line geometries to a set of points.

    Please download the Convert Lines to Points Data Function for Spotfire® from the exchange. 



    This geospatial feature converts line geometries to a set of points. It extracts points from single or multiple-line geometries. All vertices are extracted, as well as points along a specified interval (granularity).  The download contains a data function you can import into your own .dxp and a template you can bring your own data into. 

    Details about the data function

    Programing Language: TERR
    Required Packages: wkb, SF, geosphere, dplyr

    • identifier - Select a column with identifier values in your data table.

    • geometry - Select a column with line geometries to extract points from

    • interval - Specify the maximum distance (in meters) between each point


    • output - A new data table containing latitude and longitude coordinates extracted from given line geometries. A "Measure" column is included with the distance along the line, in meters.

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