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  • Connection with SAS IOM (SAS Workspace)


    For a POC we were looking to connect Spotfire through information links to SAS using IOM Driver.

    Because we found no information and spent some time to enable this setting, we like to share it: it may help some of you regarding this driver.

    Getting started

    First thing to do is to create a default data source with following xml code:

      <type-name>SAS IOM</type-name>
      <ping-command />
      <table-types>TABLE, VIEW</table-types>

    Then we upload the log4j-1.2.17.jar jar file in order to provide logger class definition (we were using Spotfire 7.11, future version may not need this file): uploaded into C:\TIBCO\tss\7.12.0\tomcat\webapps\spotfire\WEB-INF\lib.

    The driver we were using, class name com.sas.rio.MVADriver,  is based on 6 jar files:

    • sas.core.jar
    • sas.core.nls.jar
    • sas.nls.collator.jar
    • sas.security.sspi.jar
    • sas.svc.connection.jar
    • sas.svc.connection.nls.jar

    Edited by David Boot-Olazabal

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