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    TIBCO Analytics Forum (TAF) 2019 was an electric event with attendees and speakers from all over the world. Attendees learned new approaches, heard inspiring stories, networked with their peers, skilled up their abilities, and competed for prizes. The 3-day event in Houston, Texas kicked off with a Networking Reception on the first evening, followed by a full day of keynote speakers and breakout sessions. On the third day, attendees could continue with additional breakout sessions or participate in the hands-on Spotfire Training and Hackathon activities.

    TIBCO Analytics 

    TIBCO Analytics is a comprehensive insight platform for visualization, modeling, streaming, data management, and model ops. The following software was showcased at TIBCO Analytics Forum 2019:

    • TIBCO Spotfire - The most comprehensive visual analytics platform on the market with built-in data wrangling, predictive modeling, and real-time analytics
    • TIBCO Data Science - Collaborative advanced analytics platform, helping Data Scientists model, deploy, and scale AI/ML solutions across their organization
    • TIBCO Streaming - Enterprise-grade, cloud-ready streaming analytics for quickly building real-time applications at a fraction of the cost and risk of alternatives
    • TIBCO Data Virtualization - Enterprise data virtualization solution that federates access across multiple and varied data sources
    • TIBCO EBX - Master Data Management to govern all your data assets in one solution including but not limited to: workflow, data quality, and role-specific applications
    • TIBCO ComputeDB - Distributed in-memory optimized analytics database, delivers high throughput, low latency, and high concurrency for unified analytic workloads. 

    As value-based care becomes the norm and healthcare providers assume more financial and clinical risk for their patient populations, powerful predictive, intuitive visual analytics has become imperative in this data-driven culture. This track, co-hosted by TIBCO partners Change Healthcare, will showcase the success of healthcare providers and payers using TIBCO Spotfire® to identify trends that impact patient care, cost, and quality. From predicting readmissions to measuring surgery throughput to forecasting revenue under pay for performance, Change Healthcare customers are using Spotfire® to drive sustainable change across their organizations, resulting in better business for them and better care for their patients.

    Healthcare Specific Content from TAF

    matt-harris.png.abce69fa5afe0a4cc4237adf91133957.png Matt Harris

    Head of IT

    Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport
    With 3.5 TB data transfer per race weekend, over 300 data sensing modules per car, and 18,000 channels of data analyzed per race, the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport F1 team relies on TIBCO for their success. Matt discussed the intensive operations and research that goes into each race, and how TIBCO is fundamental by helping improve the car?s digital twin, pre-event setup of the car, and simulate car setup variations. 
    michelle-kannapel_0.png.e022bb541a79963c6978ab054fd2a5ae.png Michelle Kannapel

    Head of IT

    Norton Healthcare
    Michelle showed us the importance of analytics in Healthcare today. Americans spent more than $3.65 trillion on healthcare last year, with 39% being on hospital care alone. Challenges in standardization, shift management, variation in staffing alignment, and other factors all increase the need for analytics. Using TIBCO Spotfire, Norton Healthcare has been able to benchmark and track, align and predict, and take action and accountability, all producing measurable and impactful results.
    moc.png.9adbfb204587c5f4db22d67ed6ec1552.png Michael O'Connell

    Chief Analytics Officer

    TIBCO Software Inc
    In a fast-paced and action-packed presentation, TIBCO CAO Michael O?Connell launched us through the TIBCO Analytics portfolio and the power of making AI work for us. Whether you?re trying to use equipment data to learn from past operations, navigating geologies to determine your next capital project, or scoring live equipment data to monitor operations and predict failures in real-time, TIBCO Analytics provides extreme value to businesses in all vertical sectors. In addition to our long-standing TIBCO strength with Spotfire and Streaming, TIBCO now has extended capabilities in Data Science with data prep, feature engineering, machine learning and AI operations at scale, Master Data Management to govern all shared data assets, and Data Virtualization to federate and manage data across multiple sources, at a fraction of the cost of Data Warehousing. Michael closed with an update of the latest and greatest in TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO Data Science. 
    matt-quinn_0.png.1de8161839097365fb7d5a56bcec59c5.png Matt Quinn

    Executive Vice President, Products & Technology, and COO

    TIBCO Software Inc
    TIBCO?s COO guided the crowd through the company?s vision, where we are redefining what it means to manage and take action on data using our 3 portfolio product investment areas: InterConnect Everything, Unify Data, and Augment Inteligence. Matt went on to discuss TIBCO?s underlying technology approaches of Cloud-native, Open-platform, and AI foundation, and how these help TIBCO customers solve the world's biggest challenges by enabling analysts, data scientist and developers to work together at scale.

    Breakout Sessions

    Explore Digits, Inc.

    Analytics Modernization leveraging TIBCO Data Science and AWS

    Presented by: Ravi Hubbly

    Healthcare clients face complex healthcare data challenges including fuzzy matching, analysis paralysis, legacy analytics, and siloed workflows that restrict them from taking advantage of modern analytics including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Learn how solutions from Explore Digits using the TIBCO Data Science platform and AWS cloud services enabled large healthcare enterprise benefits in creating an end-to-end analytics capability.

    SLIDES: application-pdf(1).png.b6fc5f5c7787c2c0a542b40e72111ed5.png

    Trinity Health North East

    Explorer in Action

    Presented by: Colin McGuirk

    Review the broad reach of analytics across multiple disciplines within a large health system


    Norton Healthcare

    Cultivating Physician Engagement with Data

    Presented by: Kimberly Carter

    Comprehensive one-stop shop for the physician, with abundant metrics at their fingertips


    Change Healthcare

    Improve your Data Strategy: TIBCO Data Virtualization in Healthcare Organizations and Other Explorer Updates

    Presented by: Scott Roesberry

    TIBCO Data Virtualization use cases to improve a healthcare organizations' data strategy and Explorer updates


    Galway Clinic, West of Ireland

    Creating a High Reliability Analysis to Improve Quality, Efficiency, and Productivity in Medical Imaging

    Presented by: Siobhan Brogan

    Data governance and demonstrable performance improvement in the quality and efficiency of care


    Change Healthcare

    Analytics to Improve Population Health & Reduce Variations in Care

    Presented by: Denise Johnson

    Population health analytics portfolio using Explorer to manage financial and clinical risk, identify and close gaps in care, and reduce variations in care

    Change Healthcare

    Chatbot Implementation in Spotfire to Retrieve Specific Insights from Any Dashboard

    Presented by: Sree Madidi

    Chatbot implementation in Spotfire software to retrieve specific insights from any dashboard


    Change Healthcare

    Hey Siri. Take Me to Value-based Care!

    Presented by: Deb Bulger

    Explorer template to help you identify your organization?s market position in its journey to value-based care


    TIBCO Software

    Digital Transformation of Manufacturing: From Reactive to Proactive Management of Equipment, Processes, Products, and Factories

    Presented by: Mike Alperin

    A major transformation is taking place in manufacturing. New capabilities for processing streaming sensor data?along with big data, machine learning, and edge technologies?are driving the industry from reactive problem-solving towards increasingly proactive management of equipment, processes, products, and factories. It is now becoming possible to aggregate, analyze, and rapidly act on vast quantities of data being generated. Hear how we are enabling customers with solutions such as predictive maintenance, automated pattern classification, anomaly detection, and product and process digital twins.

    SLIDES:  application-pdf(1).png.21744b8f767dc4e88d5cca9390a66d97.png

    TIBCO Software

    Emerging Trends for Innovating with Data: Blockchain, AR, and NLP

    Presented by: Greg James

    This session, in a panel discussion format, will look at emerging trends for securing and accessing data. The ability for users to consume information in a variety of forms is becoming more important, as is the need to make sure information is trusted and secure. Along with discussion, the panel will provide examples of how technologies such as blockchain, augmented reality (AR), natural language processing (NLP), and knowledge graphs can be applied in the enterprise today.

    Technology Hub





    A TAF attendee tests out an F1 Simulation, powered by TIBCO Streaming and TIBCO Spotfire. The driver's predicted lap times are computed and displayed in real-time throughout the race.

    Change Healthcare Blogs

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    LIVE Broadcasts


    Introducing LinkedIn Live Broadcasts from TIBCO! Straight from the floor of TAF, Mac Jaenhart and Brian Guiducci talk to some of our featured Breakout Session speakers about their experience at #TAF19 and how they are using Analytics to further their organizations' goals.







    Standing room only! The Advanced Spotfire Training was bursting with activity on Day 3 of the Forum

    Attendees had a chance to get hands-on with the new Spotfire X during the Beginner and Advanced Spotfire Training. Students were able to learn how to create visualizations, wrangle data in the Data Canvas, create dashboard controls, and implement advanced scripts. To learn more and access training materials, visit our dedicated TAF Training page.






    Almost 50 data guru's competed for the ultimate prize in this year's Hackathon! The top finishers shown here with TIBCO CAO, Michael O'Connell and TIBCO Hackathon Leaders, Neil Kanungo and Andrew Berridge.

    An exciting TAF closed out with our annual Hackathon competition. Participants were challenged to use geoanalytics, multivariate analysis, and build streaming visualizations. The top finishers were:

    1st Place - Ivan Leung, Occidental Petroleum (Oxy)


    2nd Place - Derrick Roberts, Enterprise Products


    3rd Place - Atheer Al-Attar, Enterprise Products


    4th Place - Richard Barthel, Texas Instruments

    To see more on the challenges and interesting insights from the competition, visit our dedicated TAF Hackathon page.









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