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  • Automated Insights Wordsmith Written Analysis for TIBCO Spotfire

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    Automated Insights (Ai) is the creator of Wordsmith, the world?s first self-service natural language generation platform for the enterprise. Automated Insights empowers organizations to generate human-sounding narratives from data, making it easy to produce real-time, written analytics, personalized reports, and narratives at scale. The Wordsmith platform is utilized in over 50 data-driven industries, including the Associated Press, Cisco, NVIDIA, and more. For more information, visit https://automatedinsights.com.


    Wordsmith is the natural language generation engine from Automated Insights that allows users to create plain-language explanations of TIBCO Spotfire® charts. Our open API makes it easy for data professionals to automate clear, written explanations of TIBCO Spotfire charts and graphs. It?s like having an expert speak directly to every user, telling them what the data means and what they should do about it. You can add explanations to your TIBCO Spotfire dashboards by requesting a demo of Wordsmith.


    Using Wordsmith, you can create a rules-based template that takes TIBCO Spotfire dasboard data and turns it into a written summary. You control what the narratives focus on and the language they use, so they can include the terms your company uses every day. These written explanations can be placed directly in Spotfire, and are fully customizable and logic-based. Automatically describe your dashboards with the clarity and specificity you need. Learn more about Wordsmith + TIBCO Spotfire.

    Full Dashboard Analysis 



    Contextural Chart Narrative



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    You can add explanations to your TIBCO Spotfire dashboards by requesting a demo of Wordsmith.

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